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Galveston Boat Accident Lawyer

Engaging in recreational activities on the water is common in Galveston, but it is also a frequent cause of injuries. When you are hurt on a boat, jet ski, sailboat, or other craft, you may have a claim against the at-fault owner or operator of the vehicle. You can initiate a lawsuit against them by yourself, but retaining the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer is your best option.

A Galveston boat accident lawyer on our team could help you by filing paperwork (like motions and complaints), negotiating agreements, and taking the case to trial if necessary. We know how challenging these cases can be for injured people to manage on their own while also juggling their recovery process. Our experienced attorneys alleviate your burdens by handling legal matters.

Reasons Why Marine Craft Accidents Occur

The careless actions of operators and passengers can cause others to get hurt. For example, those who drink before or while operating a marine vessel put others at risk of injuries from collisions with other boats or objects. Driving a boat while intoxicated can result in reckless driving, increasing the likelihood of passengers falling overboard or the craft capsizing.

Other reasons for accidents on the water include failing to look for obstacles and the presence of poor weather conditions. Likewise, not wearing safety gear or operating a vessel without a license may also increase the chances of an adverse event. Boat crash lawyers in Galveston help injured parties identify the source of the crash so they can piece together a potential legal claim against the responsible party.

Common Types of Boating Injuries

People harmed in recreation boat accidents can sustain many different types of injuries. For example, if they slip and fall while on the boat, they may experience soft tissue injuries, torn ligaments, broken bones, or brain or skull damage. If a passenger falls off the ship, they may suffer lacerations from the propeller or potentially drown due to dangerous currents.

Other harm caused by boating accidents includes crush injuries, spinal cord damage, and whiplash. People who were hurt while on the water may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable for causing the crash. Those injured in a boating accident in Galveston could best support their claims by having a seasoned lawyer help prepare their cases.

Legal Claims After a Boating Accident

Texas law allows people injured in boat crashes to bring lawsuits against those responsible for their harm. To have a valid case, they need to prove the other party’s conduct (including their inaction) deviated from what was expected of them. Furthermore, they also need to show the relationship between the other person’s actions and their own injuries.

The exact requirements an injured party needs to meet before filing a lawsuit depend on their specific allegations. For example, under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, someone bringing a personal injury claim will have to file a case before the two-year filing deadline expires (unless an exception applies). A Galveston boat accident lawyer could help determine if the injured person has a claim against someone else and, if so, what they need to do to assert their rights.

Call a Galveston Attorney After a Boat Collision

Going out on the water attracts many people to Galveston Island, but it also carries many potential hazards that are not always within a person’s control. If you were hurt while on a boat, riding a jet ski, or sailing, and it was not your fault, you may be able to recover compensation.

At our firm, we have helped many people injured in boat crashes get reimbursement for the loss of income, medical bills, and other costs they incurred due to the reckless actions of others. Contact a Galveston boat accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

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