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Spring Premises Liability Lawyer

You may be headed to Old Town Spring for lunch and shopping, going to H-E-B to buy food, or a friend’s home for a visit. Wherever you go, the owners of the places you visit have a responsibility to keep you safe. They could be liable for any injuries you suffer, even if you sustain them in a parking lot assault. But not all duties to visitors are the same and a Spring premises liability lawyer could help your unique case.

Owners, managers, and landlords owe different duties to various types of visitors on their property. There are even laws regarding trespassers. If you are injured outside your home, you may be eligible for compensation if a property owner evaded the duty to provide a safe environment. To discuss your situation, contact a personal injury attorney now.

Trespassers On Property

Trespassers do not have the owner’s permission to be on private property and owners may not even know about them. Generally, owners owe no duty to adult trespassers, but it is unlawful to purposely harm them, such as by shooting them as they run away.

Owners owe child trespassers a duty under the doctrine of attractive nuisance. Children are too young to recognize danger and harm as teens and adults do, and if an artificial structure or item attracts them onto someone’s property, safety measures must be in place. Potential hazards that children may be attracted to include:

  • Backyard swimming pools
  • Abandoned cars
  • Trampolines
  • Junkyards
  • Hot tubs

If a child is injured after being lured by a structure or object, their parent should contact a property injury lawyer in Spring to learn about compensation for medical care and other expenses.

Licensees and Invitees are Invited Visitors

While trespassers are uninvited, the categories of licensees and invitees are welcomed guests. Licensees are people who make social calls, such as visiting friends in their homes. Invitees are customers who are on the premises for the owner’s benefit (usually to buy something).

Property owners are expected to warn licensees about known hazards, both natural and those they create. Invitees are owed the highest duty of care. Owners must warn them about any known hazards and repair them. In addition, owners must regularly inspect for unknown hazards, warning about and repairing existing and new dangers.

Negligent Security

Owners are also responsible for employing security measures on their premises, especially in areas known for assaults. This could begin with proper lighting on dark pathways or parking lots, which also helps invitees see clearly and avoid dangerous slips and falls. Security cameras and (in appropriate situations like bars) security guards are also tools owners can use to prevent serious injuries from criminals.

Premises Liability, Negligence, and Compensation

Premises liability falls under the civil tort of negligence. Property owners’ actions must meet certain elements to make them liable for compensating anyone injured on their property. They breach the duty when they failed to act as a reasonable person would act, causing an accident in which a visitor is injured.

People injured because of a property owner’s negligence deserve compensation for their losses. The at-fault owner should be responsible for medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and personal property damage. Spring defective property lawyers are skilled negotiators who will not back down from insurance companies that minimize claims to avoid paying out adequate settlements. When they do, an experienced attorney is ready to prepare a case to be argued in court. They understand what families require for a stable financial future, and what injured clients deserve.

Learn How a Spring Premises Liability Attorney Fights for Monetary Awards

You probably never think about getting hurt when you are running errands, enjoying a night out, or sharing a meal at a friend’s home, but accidents on other people’s property happen every day. 

These incidents often occur because a property owner falls short of their duty to warn visitors of dangers or make needed safety repairs. When an invitee or licensee is injured, the property owner may owe them compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. If this happens to you, let a Spring premises liability lawyer help restore what you have lost. Contact the legal team at Schechter Shaffer & Harris today to learn more.

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