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Spring Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Our hardworking personal injury attorneys have experience with civil claims involving unsafe, defective pharmaceuticals and medications. For instance, an opioid could be more addictive than marketed, or acne medicine could cause birth defects and not mention this on the warning labels. As a result, a consumer may unknowingly use a substance and suffer serious, sometimes fatal consequences.

Spring dangerous drugs lawyers handle claims of illnesses and harm caused by medications. These cases fall under product liability law, which holds manufacturers, distributors, and sellers responsible for allowing unsafe items to reach consumers.

Determining the Defendants

A dedicated hazardous drugs attorney in Spring could assist a plaintiff in determining liability in a case. Potential defendants include those involved in manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and selling a dangerous substance.

In addition, depending on the facts of a case, pharmaceutical companies, prescribing healthcare professionals, regulatory agencies, and testing laboratories may all be added in as defendants if they were negligent in some way.

Types of Liability

Dangerous drug cases are complex due to the medical issues involved, and large-scale pharmaceutical companies will employ robust legal teams to shield themselves from accountability.

Marketing Insufficiencies

Common causes of substance claims can come from side effects. All drugs carry a warning label with potential dangers, and failure to adequately alert consumers to these risks can lead to liability.

Manufacturing Defects

Errors during the manufacturing process can also cause harm. Contaminants or ingredients may be added in the wrong quantity, or substances may be improperly labeled, creating consumer injuries.

Some drugs should not even be on the market due to their limited benefits and risks. In each of these cases, legal counsel could investigate the specific facts to determine how an injury occurred.

Additionally, they could look at which company failed to meet its duty of care, such as producing each substance with safe design, labels, and marketing. A compassionate Spring lawyer who works on hazardous drug cases could provide more information on determining liability.

Class Action Suits

In some situations, the same drug may have harmed multiple people. Instead of filing numerous individual claims, a class action allows members to join as plaintiffs of the same lawsuit. Before a class action can proceed, the court must certify the class. This includes proving that:

  • There are numerous plaintiffs in the class
  • There are common questions of law and fact
  • The lead plaintiff’s claims are typical of the class
  • The lead plaintiff can adequately represent the class

These cases are far from simple, and obtaining legal counsel could be critical to a claim’s success.

Meet With an Experienced Dangerous Drugs Attorney in Spring Today

When we are sick, we put our trust in modern medicine. Unfortunately, incidents can occur where medical drugs cause serious damage or produce side-effects that they did not properly warn about. Spring dangerous drugs lawyers could represent clients harmed by defective pharmaceutical products.

Our attorneys consult with various experts, including toxicologists and pharmacologists, to solidify a connection between a defective substance and your injuries. If a settlement cannot be reached, we represent clients in various types of court proceedings, including discovery, pre-trial motions, trial preparation, and trial advocacy. Do not wait – contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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