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Spring Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people ride commercial, charter, and public buses to get to work, school, and around the city and state every day. When they get on a commercial bus or put their child on a school bus, they expect it to be safe. Unfortunately, accidents involving buses are alarmingly frequent.

When a bus crash harmed you or took the life of someone you love, you are probably left with many questions. A knowledgeable Spring bus accident lawyer could investigate the crash to search for the answers you need. They might be able to help you pursue justice and fair compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. If you follow certain steps, you might have more success in your legal claim.

Get Medical Assistance

Bus wrecks have the potential to cause devastating harm. Due to the size and passenger capacity of buses, a large number of people are at risk of experiencing injuries in a bus crash. Because most buses do not have seatbelts, passengers on the bus can experience harm from being thrown about the bus when the bus makes a sudden stop or sharp turn.

Even if a bus does not actually collide with another vehicle or with a stationary object, passengers can still suffer serious injuries. People in other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists could also sustain severe injuries because buses are so large and heavy.

The first priority of anyone involved in a bus accident is to seek medical assistance. Some people sustain life-threatening injuries and prompt medical attention can save their lives. Even if a bus wreck survivor feels they have nothing more serious than a few bruises, they should still meet with their doctor who could perform a full assessment. A doctor might find hidden injuries that could later cause problems if not treated properly.

A dedicated Spring, TX lawyer could use the doctor’s notes and patient’s medical records as clear evidence linking the injuries to the bus accident.

Report the Bus Accident

Anyone injured in a bus crash should report the accident. A police officer would come to the accident scene to take notes on what they observe, speak with witnesses, and gather evidence. If the injured party is a bus passenger, they should make an effort to speak to the police to ensure their name and information is entered into the police report. The police officer’s report could be a helpful starting point to a diligent attorney’s investigation.

Although it can be tempting to vent about an accident to friends or on social media, plaintiffs must refrain from speaking to anyone about what happened, since it could negatively affect the case. They should also not admit or imply fault to anyone else at the crash scene.

Gather Information

When possible, injured parties should try to gather as much information about the crash scene as they can. If they were a passenger on the bus, they should speak to other passengers and get their contact information. If they were injured while in another vehicle, they should try to gather contact information from bystanders.

A dedicated legal team could follow up with the witnesses and revisit the scene to gather and secure additional evidence. If appropriate, a Spring lawyer could work together with accident reconstruction specialists to learn what happened in the bus collision.

Meet With a Spring Bus Accident Attorney for Guidance

If you are reeling from the impact of a bus crash, you deserve to get legal assistance you can count on to help guide you through this challenging time. An experienced Spring bus accident lawyer could skillfully negotiate to get you the compensation you and your family need.

Meet with a legal team who would put your needs first. Call Schechter, Shaffer & Harris and set up a free consultation of your potential case.

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