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Potential Injuries Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Houston

If you work for O’Reilly Auto Parts in any state but Texas and get hurt on the job, you are entitled to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, this state does not require employers to subscribe to Workers’ Compensation, and O’Reilly Auto Parts chooses not to subscribe.

You could suffer various potential injuries working at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Houston. Although the company has an employee benefits program that covers workplace injuries, the benefits may not provide the compensation you need and deserve. Speak with a workplace injury attorney as soon as possible after you are injured working at O’Reilly Auto Parts and explore legal alternatives.

How O’Reilly Auto Parts Workers Get Injured

An auto parts store might seem like a relatively safe workplace, but accidents can happen anywhere, and depending on the job, some injuries are relatively common.


O’Reilly Auto Parts employs drivers to deliver products from its warehouses to retail outlets. Any commercial driver faces the risks associated with being on the road all day, which can include eye strain, anxiety, and increased blood pressure which could lead to other health impacts like a stroke.

Drivers face potential injury if they get into an accident. Their working day consists of long periods sitting alternating with periods of exertion when they unload the truck to make deliveries, which can cause strained muscles, joint pain, and back injuries.

Management/Office Staff

Workers who spend most of their day in front of a computer screen risk eye strain, headaches, and sore neck, shoulders, and back. Too much screen time can lead to a condition called computer vision syndrome. Workers who spend most of the day typing could develop carpel tunnel syndrome or other conditions associated with repetitive motion. Managers sometimes face considerable pressure to perform under adverse conditions, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Retail Employees

Employees who work in the retail side of the operation may be injured when they slip or fall in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, or inside the store. Workers who must climb ladders risk falling and getting cuts and bruises, sprained or torn muscles, broken bones, whiplash, and other injuries.

Reaching for items on overhead shelves can cause painful and disabling rotator cuff injuries. Workers could hurt their backs retrieving and lifting heavy items. Employees risk items falling from high shelves, which could cause a concussion or other head injury. If workers must use box cutters to stock items, they may severely cut themselves or someone else.

Retail employees at O’Reilly Auto Parts must interact with customers and people who might have criminal intent. They could be subject to verbal abuse, physical threats, and violence, sometimes involving weapons. In addition to physical injuries, these interactions can produce severe mental trauma.

Warehouse Workers

Repetitive motion and overexertion injuries are common among warehouse workers, developing painful tendonitis, bursitis, or epicondylitis. Serious back injuries like herniated disks or other conditions that could require surgical intervention are possible.

Warehouse workers face injuries from forklift accidents or other malfunctioning heavy machinery. If a warehouse has insufficient ventilation or air conditioning, conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke could impact warehouse workers.

Securing Appropriate Compensation After an Injury

Regardless of a worker’s job or the type of injury they suffered, if O’Reilly Auto Parts was negligent, they are liable to an employee who gets hurt at work. The company need not be primarily responsible for an accident. If its negligence contributed in any degree to the injury the company is responsible for paying the employee compensation for all their losses.

There are rare circumstances when the company might not be liable. If the employee was drunk or high when the injury occurred, the company is not responsible. The company is also not responsible for an injury a worker intentionally inflicts on themselves. A Houston attorney could advise a worker if O’Reilly Auto Parts might have a legitimate defense to a claim for compensation.

Work With a Houston Attorney to Get Compensation From O’Reilly Auto Parts After an Injury

When you do your job and uphold your responsibilities to your employer, you have the right to expect it to have your back when you get hurt. Potential injuries working at O’Reilly Auto Parts can be serious but you might have trouble getting the compensation you deserve.

Speak with a reliable personal injury lawyer. We can help you evaluate your options and pursue compensation in court, if necessary.

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