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Filing an O’Reilly Auto Parts Workers’ Compensation Claim in Houston

When most workers get hurt at their jobs, they have the ability to get reimbursed for their reasonable medical expenses and part of their lost wages under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. Filing an O’Reilly Auto Parts workers’ compensation claim in Houston can be considerably more complicated because, unlike in most other states, Texas does not require all its private employers to subscribe to the state-wide workers’ compensation system.

If you were hurt on the job at an O’Reilly Auto Parts location, a dedicated work injury attorney could help you investigate your legal options.

Types of Injuries that O’Reilly Workers Might Suffer

Workers perform a wide variety of jobs at O’Reilly Auto Parts. As a result, the type and severity of injuries that they suffer can vary considerably.

Injuries from Heavy Lifting

Many employees work regularly with heavy automotive equipment. They lift, carry, and restock items on shelves in storefronts, warehouses, and backrooms. Repeatedly handling the cumbersome cargo can lead to serious, long-term back injuries, such as herniated discs and muscle sprains and strains. Some people need physical therapy, medication, and surgery.

Injuries from Falling

Some O’Reilly workers stock shelves or get items for customers by using forklifts and ladders. If not properly maintained or set up correctly, workers can fall from great heights. Retail storefront, stockroom, and other workers are also at risk of slipping on slick floors. Falls can lead to head trauma, broken bones, and mobility impairments.

Injuries from Motor Vehicle Crashes

Truck drivers regularly drive cargo from warehouses to retail locations, and because they drive so frequently, they are at increased risk of getting into accidents. Drivers can experience many different types of injuries in truck wrecks, including broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, organ damage, and neck and back trauma.

A qualified legal team could help pursue compensation for all types of work injuries if the employer was deemed negligent.

How to File an O’Reilly Auto Parts Workers’ Compensation Claim

In Texas, some large, private employers, such as O’Reilly Auto Parts, have elected to be non-subscribers to the standard workers’ compensation system. Even if an injured worker’s employer refers to their benefit system as workers’ compensation, workers need to understand that it is not a traditional workers’ compensation plan. Under a traditional plan, a hurt worker could file the appropriate paperwork and expect to receive money for their reasonable medical costs and a percentage of their lost wages.

Employees who work for non-subscribers cannot collect file claims to collect typical workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, they can follow the correct procedural requirements to collect benefits under their employer’s individualized compensation plan. In addition, if their employer denies them benefits or those benefits do not fully cover the cost of their injuries resulting from their employment, they can file civil lawsuits for compensation. They would need to prove that their employer did something that caused them to suffer an injury.

Seasoned non-subscriber attorneys could review an employer’s benefits plan to help an employee understand how it works and decide whether to pursue a lawsuit for additional compensation.

Speak with a Houston Attorney About Filing an O’Reilly Auto Parts Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you get hurt at work, you should not have to shoulder the burden of your medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses. You might think that filing an O’Reilly Auto Parts workers’ compensation claim in Houston is a viable way to recoup your expenses. However, pursuing compensation for workplace injuries is different in Texas.

Speak with our personal injury attorneys to learn more about your legal options and your best path to recovering what you deserve.

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