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O’Reilly Auto Parts Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the country’s largest and most successful retailers of automotive parts and accessories with many branches located in Texas and around the country. The company employs thousands of workers to perform many different types of jobs. Yet working around heavy automotive parts and equipment can expose workers to the possibility of suffering serious personal injuries.

If you or your loved one experienced harm while at work, you might be eligible to seek financial compensation in a legal claim against your employer in O’Reilly Auto Parts work injury lawsuits in Houston.

Pursuing a Lawsuit Against O’Reilly Auto Parts

People who suffer on-the-job injuries at O’Reilly Auto Parts need to prove that their injuries occurred because of something their employer did – or failed to do. One advantage for an injured worker filing a lawsuit against a non-subscriber employer is that their employer cannot argue contributory negligence defense. An employer cannot try to reduce their damages by arguing that the worker was partly responsible for their injury. If a worker proves that their employer was even partly responsible for the harm, the employer could have to pay them for the total amount of the employee’s losses.

One of the most successful ways for an injured O’Reilly Auto Parts employee to prove negligence is by showing that their employer did not provide or promote a safe working environment. For instance, an injured worker could present evidence such as the following:

  • The employer did not maintain their equipment
  • The employer regularly allowed spills to stay on the floor for long periods
  • The employer did not remove snow or ice from parking lots, walkways, or entryways
  • The employer did not train their employees on how to properly perform their jobs, leading to substandard working conditions
  • The employer did not give their workers sufficient rest or lunch breaks, leading to exhaustion and making them more prone to over-exertion injuries
  • The employer did not pay proper attention to safety details
  • The employer did not have adequate lighting or security to prevent criminal activity

Seasoned attorneys could investigate O’Reilly’s hiring, training, management, and operational practices to see if they contributed to an unsafe working environment.

Pursuing a Third-Party Claim

Sometimes, someone other than an employer is directly or partly responsible for a worker’s injuries. For instance, if a truck driver experiences severe injuries in an automotive collision, they might be able to sue the at-fault driver of another vehicle. They might also be able to sue the truck’s manufacturer if a defective automotive part led to the crash.

Similarly, if a ladder breaks and causes an O’Reilly warehouse worker to fall, the worker could file a defective product claim against the ladder’s manufacturer.

A worker could also file suit against an independent contractor, such as a painter, contractor, or cleaning company, whose actions cause them to experience harm. If a customer somehow injures a worker, the employee might be able to sue the customer in certain circumstances.

A trusted legal team could investigate the accident that led to a O’Reilly Auto Parts worker’s injury to see who might be the subject of a lawsuit.

Talk to a Houston Attorney About Bringing a Lawsuit After an O’Reilly Auto Parts Work Injury

If you suffered an injury at work, you should get the financial help you need to address it. You might be eligible to pursue various types of legal action against your employer and any responsible third parties if they do not subscribe to workers’ compensation.

Talk to a well-informed local attorney about bringing O’Reilly Auto Parts work injury lawsuits in Houston. Let an experienced legal team fight on your behalf.

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