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Kroger Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

There may be long-term consequences if you are hurt on the job and need to take some time off to heal. A Kroger employee with a work-related injury or illness should consult a workplace accident attorney as quickly as possible.

Texas does not require employers to subscribe to the Workers’ Compensation program, but legal action against a third party, the employer, or both is possible in many instances. A local personal injury attorney could analyze your case and determine whether you have the basis for a Kroger work injury lawsuit in Houston.

Your Right to Sue After a Work-Related Injury at Kroger

Someone who was hurt while working is entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits if the employer subscribes to the program. Kroger is a non-subscriber, meaning it does not participate in the government-sponsored Workers’ Compensation program for its Houston employees. An injured employee could claim compensation through the company’s occupational injury policy but a worker also has the right to sue.

An injured Kroger employee should contact an attorney to discuss their lawsuit options. Sometimes, claiming benefits through the company insurance policy is the best option but it could limit the right to bring a lawsuit. A legal professional could evaluate whether there are grounds for a successful lawsuit against Kroger or a negligent third party.

Lawsuits offer an opportunity for an injured worker to obtain reimbursement of their medical costs, lost wages, and the value of any property damaged in the incident. The employee could also claim compensation for their physical pain, disability, emotional distress, and other non-economic losses they suffered due to their injury.

Negligence Triggers Work-Related Injury Lawsuits

When a worker sues Kroger or a third party, they must prove the party they are suing was negligent and the negligence was a direct cause of their injury. Proving negligence requires the injured person to demonstrate the defendant did not use reasonable care to avoid a dangerous situation or prevent an accident.

If the defendant is Kroger, an employee must prove the company violated state or federal workplace safety regulations or did not provide a safe environment for workers. Some examples of employer negligence that could lead to worker injury include:

  • Violations of OSHA or state worker safety regulations
  • Failure to clean a spill promptly
  • Inadequate training in proper lifting techniques
  • Poor lighting in an employee parking lot
  • Deferred maintenance of equipment or building
  • Inadequate security measures

Employees who suffered injuries due to falls, falling objects, workplace violence, malfunctioning equipment, repetitive motion, burns, infectious diseases, and other incidents could have a negligence claim against Kroger.

When an employee has a claim against a third party, proving negligence depends on the situation. For example, if the claimant was injured due to an equipment malfunction, an attorney might collect evidence that the product was defective. If the injury resulted from a vehicle accident while the claimant was driving on work-related business, a legal professional must prove the incident was another driver’s fault.

Steps to Take After a Work-Related Injury

A Kroger employee who suffers an injury while on the job or develops an illness or condition related to their employment can protect their legal options by following certain common-sense steps. Seeking medical attention immediately after an accident or as soon as symptoms develop is critical.

When the injury resulted from an accident, they should report it to a supervisor immediately. The employee or their supervisor will complete an incident report. If the injury or illness developed over time, such as a repetitive use injury or occupational illness, the employee should report it as soon as they receive a diagnosis.

Contacting a lawyer right away is also important. Kroger does not subscribe to the Workers’ Compensation program, and a worker’s employment status and position might affect the benefits they are entitled to receive under the company’s insurance. Discussing options with an experienced Houston attorney before filing a claim for benefits is wise. If they advise bringing a lawsuit, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 allows two years from the date of injury to sue.

Pursue a Kroger Work-Injury Lawsuit With a Houston Attorney

Getting hurt at work can lead to medical costs, diminished income, physical suffering, and emotional trauma. When someone else’s negligence causes you harm, you deserve compensation.

When you get hurt at work or develop a work-related disease, immediately speak to a local lawyer experienced in Kroger work injury lawsuits in Houston. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris could review your situation and offer advice to help you get the maximum compensation possible under the circumstances. Call today for a free consultation.

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