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Potential Injuries Working at HEB in Houston

When you think of dangerous professions, you probably think of firefighters, police officers, and armed forces members, who sometimes put their lives on the line. You might also think of construction workers and roofers who routinely work from heights and risk falling every day. Most people do not consider grocery store employees to be in any serious danger. However, workers could suffer many potential injuries working at HEB in Houston.

If you became ill or injured working at HEB, a dedicated work accident attorney might be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Different Types of Injuries While Working at HEB

In order to function, HEB employs various workers to perform different roles. Some people work during the day in the stores as cashiers or in the deli. Some HEB employees work overnight in the stores restocking shelves or in the back loading cargo. Other employees spend most of their time outside of the stores in delivery trucks, warehouses, and corporate offices.

All of the different jobs at HEB give rise to a wide range of potential workplace hazards. For instance, people working as executive assistants in an office could develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all day. Similarly, a cashier could develop repetitive-use neck or back injuries from continuously turning their neck in the same motion as they ring up items through the cash register. Warehouse workers could suffer serious harm in falls from ladders or from the strain of carrying heavy boxes. Slip and falls on wet floors also commonly occur at grocery stores like HEB. Broken bones, brain injuries, and sprains are some of the most frequently occurring injuries in the most serious accidents.

A personal injury attorney could investigate how the worker’s injury happened and offer them knowledgeable advice about their next steps.

How to Recover for Your HEB Injuries

In most states, the most direct path to obtaining fair compensation after getting hurt at work is through the statewide workers’ compensation system. However, Texas does not make its employers subscribe to the state’s workers’ compensation system. Instead, Texas lets HEB and some other private employers choose to become non-subscribers by setting up their own plans to help injured employees. Non-subscriber plans do not need to conform to the guidelines set forth in workers’ compensation. They are often less comprehensive. For instance, they might not offer coverage for all types of injuries or they might offer less money.

A seasoned lawyer knows how to help injured workers seek benefits under HEB’s plan. Additionally, unlike traditional workers’ compensation benefits, non-subscriber benefits are not exclusive. Injured employees have the legal right to file civil claims against HEB for workplace injuries. A legal team could help employees by searching for evidence of HEB’s negligence causing their injury.

Talk to a Houston Attorney About Injuries From Working at HEB

Like any large organization, there are many different types of jobs available at HEB. Consequently, different workers can suffer many potential injuries working at HEB in Houston.

If you suffered an on-the-job injury or developed an illness from your workplace duties, you need legal help. Some workplace injuries and medical conditions can change your life forever and be incredibly expensive.

Talk to Schechter, Shaffer & Harris and let us show you how we can assist. With hard work, dedication, and focus, we might be able to get you the money you need.

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