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Filing a HEB Workers’ Compensation Claim in Houston

When you work for a large company like HEB that has multiple stores throughout the state of Texas, you expect that your employer will take steps to protect you. However, no company can prevent every workplace injury and accidents sometimes happen.

If you suffered an injury working for HEB, you should be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. However, obtaining your rightful benefits might not be that easy. Filing a HEB workers’ compensation claim in Houston might not get you what you deserve. An experienced work accident attorney could help you devise the most effective strategy for getting the money you need.

HEB Injury Claims are Different from Typical Workers’ Comp Claims

In most states, private employers do not have a choice when it comes to providing workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. Under typical workers’ compensation plans, employers’ insurance plans must cover their hurt workers’ reasonable medical costs and a portion of their lost wages regardless of who or what caused their injuries. However, workers’ compensation benefits bar injured employees from seeking additional damages from their employers in civil suits.

Texas is different because it lets some private employers choose not to subscribe to the statewide benefits plan. As non-subscribers, employers like HEB must provide their own plan of benefits for injured workers. Unfortunately, these non-subscriber plans often benefit the employers more than the injured employees. These kinds of benefit plans generally limit workers by requiring them to visit only company-approved physicians for evaluation and care. In addition, they do not always cover all types of injuries.

One benefit to working for a non-subscriber company like HEB is that injured workers can sue in civil court for damages as long as they can prove that their employer was at least partially to blame for the accident. Dedicated attorneys could help workers fight back in court for what they deserve.

What To Do After Getting Hurt on the Job at HEB

Nobody expects to get hurt on the job. With enhanced workplace protections in just about every work industry, people today suffer far fewer on-the-job injuries than in the past. But, when accidents and injuries do occur, injured workers need to know how to protect themselves. Following the correct procedural steps can increase an injured worker’s chance of recovering a fair and reasonable damages award.

Address Any Urgent Medical Needs

Some injuries require immediate medical attention. Even if an employer’s non-subscriber plan requires workers to see company-approved doctors, sometimes waiting to make an appointment is just not possible. If a worker has an urgent medical need, they should visit an emergency room, urgent care facility, or trauma facility to treat them.

Report the Injury

Workers should tell their supervisor or boss about their workplace accident and the injuries it caused. Reporting the injury as soon as possible after an accident prevents employers from later trying to deny liability. The injury report could serve as proof of causation in a legal claim.

Gather Evidence

Injured workers should search for and secure any relevant evidence linking their injury to a workplace accident. If possible, they should take pictures documenting the accident scene. They should also record the names of any witnesses who could talk about the accident or the overall workplace conditions.

Experienced attorneys could help a worker navigate the complexities of a civil suit for workers’ compensation benefits. The legal team could help prove how HEB’s negligence led to the accident.

Get Legal Assistance With Filing a HEB Workers’ Compensation Claim in Houston

If you suffered an on-the-job injury while working at HEB, you might think that the company will automatically cover your medical costs. Unfortunately, employers often try to deny or limit their liability. Filing a HEB workers’ compensation in Houston is not simple. Speak to a well-informed personal injury attorney to learn how to build the strongest claim.

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