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Costco Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

When people think of jobs that are inherently more dangerous than others, they often think of construction workers, firefighters, and police officers. Most people do not think that working at a big box store is a hazardous profession. However, there are sometimes serious accidents in Costco stores, warehouses, corporate offices, and freight trucks. These accidents can result in injuries that interfere with just about every aspect of your life.

If you suffered a work-related injury because of your job duties at Costco, you might be eligible to pursue legal relief. A trusted personal injury attorney has extensive experience helping people like you to file Costco work injury lawsuits in Houston.

Consequences of Costco Work Injuries in Houston

After sustaining an injury at work, people face many obstacles. They might be in immense physical pain and need emergency medical attention to address their immediate medical needs. They might also need extensive follow up care to treat their ongoing physical ailments. Instead of going about their daily lives, they might need to spend their days going to doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

In addition to physical injuries, many people experience emotional trauma after suffering on-the-job injuries. They might find themselves struggling to cope with their new condition or altered appearance. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and anger are common. Some work injury survivors also need therapy to address their emotional needs.

Sadly, all these medical expenses quickly add up, especially if the Costco employee needs to take time off from work. Without a steady paycheck, families can struggle to pay their unexpected medical bills, in addition to their regular expenses. Fortunately, a dedicated Costco lawsuit attorney could help a family ease their financial burdens by pursuing a legal case for compensation.

How to File a Lawsuit Against Costco for Injuries

Unlike most states, Texas does not require all private employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees in the event of a work injury or illness. One disadvantage for employees of companies that use traditional workers’ compensation plans is that the benefits provided under the plans are exclusive. In other words, injured workers cannot collect insurance benefits and then try to sue their employer for the same injury. In Texas, some employers, like Costco, opt out of the state’s workers’ compensation plan and elect to be non-subscribers.

Employees of non-subscribing companies face some challenges. However, the main advantage of working for a non-subscriber business is that injured workers are not prohibited from filing civil suits against their employers. With standard workers’ compensation plans, employers are protected from civil suits. Because Costco is a non-subscriber, an injured employee could potentially sue the company for causing their injury.

A seasoned attorney could help a worker search for evidence proving why the company was legally at fault for causing the worker’s injury. They could investigate the accident and build a case showing that Costco failed to provide its workers with an environment that was reasonably safe. Even if the worker’s own actions contributed to their injury, the lawyers could argue that Costco is at fault because they failed to provide adequate training and assistance or the necessary equipment.

Meet with a Houston Lawyer About Costco Work Injury Lawsuits

When you suffer a serious injury while working for a large employer like Costco, you need to understand your legal options. Most likely, you will not be eligible to collect standard workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Instead, you will need to look to the company’s own insurance plan for coverage. If that coverage is insufficient, you might have the right to pursue justice in a civil suit.

Costco work injury lawsuits in Houston are often complicated. Meet with our experienced legal team today to discuss what you should do next.

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