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Filing a Costco Workers’ Compensation Claim in Houston

Costco employs a large number of employees throughout Texas and around the country. These employees work as cashiers, customer service associates, cargo stockers, maintenance workers, and truck drivers. The wide variety of job duties expose workers to many different types of risks, which means an accident or injury is bound to happen at some point.

If you suffered a work-related injury, you might assume that you can easily collect workers’ compensation benefits. However, in reality, filing a Costco workers’ compensation claim in Houston is not easy. A qualified Costco injury lawyer could help you navigate this unique process.

Types of Injuries Possible at Costco

Because there are so many different types of jobs at Costco, there are more ways to endure an injury or illness than one might think. Depending on a particular employee’s job, they could be more apt to experience certain types of injuries.

For instance, warehouse workers are more at risk of suffering back and neck injuries from the strain of repeatedly lifting heavy boxes. People who stock shelves in the stores could suffer head injuries or broken bones after falling from ladders. Store workers could also suffer painful injuries from slipping or tripping on wet floors, debris, or objects left in the aisles, or from having an object hit them after falling from a display or shelf.

Cashiers might find themselves with repetitive motion injuries, such as wrist, arm, or neck trauma, from having to perform the same motions throughout the day. Finally, delivery and cargo drivers who repeatedly drive for long hours expose themselves to an elevated risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Regardless of the type of injury or how it occurred, a dedicated team of lawyers could help an injured Costco worker file a lawsuit for reasonable compensation.

How to Collect Work Injury Compensation From Costco

Collecting workers’ compensation benefits is different in Texas. Many private employers opt out of subscribing to traditional workers’ compensation plans and elect to be non-subscribers. As non-subscribers, these employers must set up an alternate plan to help their employees pay for medical expenses and lost wages due to work injuries and illnesses. Injured workers of non-subscriber companies would not be able to look to the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission to receive benefits. Instead, they would need to turn directly to Costco.

Unfortunately, to protect the company’s bottom line financially, Costco might try to fight back against payments to an injured worker. The company might try to delay paying a claim or minimize the worker’s injury in order to pay less. In some cases, the company might try to completely deny payment by claiming the worker’s injury was pre-existing or unrelated to their job duties.

Fortunately, a personal injury attorney might be able to help prove Costco was ultimately responsible. While injured workers cannot generally pursue lawsuits against their employers under traditional workers’ compensation plans, Costco is not exempt from civil suits due to their status as a non-subscriber.

Speak with a Houston Lawyer About Filing a Costco Workers’ Compensation Claim

Sadly, despite numerous improvements in workplace safety, on-the-job accidents are still possible. Injured workers should be able to collect their rightful workers’ compensation benefits; however, because they are a non-subscriber, filing a Costco workers’ compensation claim in Houston can be complicated.

When you sustain a workplace injury or illness, you should not have to fight this legal battle by yourself. Schechter Shaffer & Harris could help explain your legal rights and advise you how to proceed. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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