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Baytown Construction-Refinery Accident Lawyer

Even with vast improvements in workplace safety over the last few decades, no job is completely secure. Employees at oil refineries face more significant risks than the average worker and are more likely to get hurt.

Oil refinery owners and construction site managers should do everything they can to make their worksites as safe as possible to reduce the chances of harm to an employee.

If you or a loved one experienced a severe injury at an oil refinery, you may be entitled to seek financial damages, something a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could help with. Our Baytown construction-refinery accident lawyers could assist you in determining the best legal route for your case.

Common Types of Construction-Refinery Accidents

Because many processes occur simultaneously at oil refineries, workers are at risk of multiple accidents, which can result in moderate to catastrophic injuries.

Fires and Explosions

Oil refinery workers constantly handle or are around toxic, highly flammable chemicals. When something goes wrong, a chemical reaction can cause an explosion or fire, which could trap and harm many employees. Workers can inhale smoke and dangerous fumes or experience chemical, electrical, and thermal burns.

Slip and Falls

Workers at refineries often operate on ladders and from heights. This puts them at risk of falling to lower levels, resulting in serious injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, and spine damage. In addition, wet floors that have not been cleaned and maintained can cause workers to slip and fall.

Machinery and Equipment Accidents

Workers can experience severe harm if the machinery and equipment they use are not in good working order. If the manufacturing company that created and sold faulty equipment produced inherently defective products, it could be liable.

If machinery or equipment fails because it is worn out, the owner could be responsible for not inspecting and maintaining it regularly. Accidents can also occur when employees do not receive sufficient training in operating complex equipment.

Repetitive Motion and Overexertion

Workers who perform the same tasks repeatedly each day can experience repetitive motion injuries, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Similarly, people who overexert themselves, such as carrying heavy items or constantly bending, can develop lower back damage and other issues.

Entanglement and Crush Injuries

With so much equipment, machinery, wires, and tools at a refinery, there is potential for confusion and mistakes, which can result in someone becoming entangled or crushed.

A seasoned Baytown attorney could help a construction-refinery worker hurt in an accident build a compelling claim.

Grounds for a Civil Suit After a Refinery Accident

Refinery and construction workers can pursue legal claims against anyone whose actions contributed to the accident that caused their injury. The following reasons could be used to prove negligence:

  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Faulty chemical storage
  • Insufficient employee training
  • Lack of worker supervision
  • Equipment failures due to inherently defective products or poor maintenance
  • Failure to perform regular safety inspections of the worksite

A dedicated lawyer in Baytown could examine the evidence from a construction-refinery accident to understand the events leading up to the injury and identify all liable parties. They could then pursue claims against all potentially responsible entities to recover fair damages for their client.

Meet With a Baytown Construction-Refinery Accident Attorney Today

Refineries are dangerous workplaces, and employers should do everything possible to make their job sites less hazardous. Workers risk severe injuries when their environment lacks adequate safeguards.

When you are hurt in a refinery accident, you deserve rightful compensation for your injuries. Call a Baytown construction-refinery accident lawyer today to discuss your legal options and learn about your rights.

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