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Spring Non-Subscriber Accident Lawyer

Historically, workplaces were not as safe as they are today. Employees had to work much longer hours, there were no restrictions on child labor, and the equipment and machinery were considerably more dangerous.

Thankfully, workers today benefit from governmental regulations concerning workplace safety and technological advances. However, accidents still occasionally occur.

If you or your loved one experienced harm at work or because of your job duties, a seasoned work accident attorney could help you file a civil lawsuit. Our Spring non-subscriber accident lawyers have helped past clients with these types of cases and could guide you through the legal process.

How Non-Subscriber Programs Work

Texas does not require all its employers to subscribe to the statewide workers’ compensation program. Some private employers can elect to be non-subscribers.

However, these employers still need to protect their employees even if they do not carry traditional workers’ compensation insurance. Non-subscriber companies can provide their own insurance or set up an alternate method of compensating their injured employees, such as paying their expenses out of pocket.

Some companies choose not to use traditional workers’ compensation plans because they want to use a system that is more customized and tailored to their particular businesses. Electing to become non-subscribers provides greater flexibility in deciding what types of injuries to cover and how much money to give hurt workers for each incident.

If an employer tries to deny any payment to their injured employee or minimize the severity of their harm by offering a settlement that does not fully cover losses, the worker should consult with a non-subscriber accident attorney in Spring.

Proving Liability After a Non-Subscriber Workplace Accident

Employers who provide traditional workers’ comp benefits are generally exempt from civil lawsuits. However, employees who work for non-subscribers can sue their employers directly in civil court. To win a lawsuit, the worker must prove that the employer’s negligence contributed to the injury. They do not need to prove that the employer’s actions were the sole cause of it. Even if the employee’s actions contributed to the injury, they would not be barred from suing their employer if the employer was at least partly responsible for the harm.

For instance, a construction worker could argue that their employer provided an unsafe work environment due to a slippery ladder at their job site that caused them to fall and suffer a severe head injury. The employer might try to counterargue that the employee was breaking company policy by not wearing a helmet or safety harness, which caused their injuries to become more serious. However, as a non-subscriber, the employer cannot state that the employee was contributorily negligent.

A diligent Spring lawyer could examine all of the evidence from a non-subscriber workplace accident to search for proof of the employer’s negligence. They could then build a solid case for their client to help them obtain fair compensation for their losses.

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Workplace accidents can result in severe pain and significant medical costs. If you were hurt on the job, your employer should cover the cost of your medical bills and other reasonable expenses.

Get in touch with a Spring non-subscriber accident lawyer at Schechter, Shaffer & Harris today. Our personal injury team will fight to get you and your family what you deserve.

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