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Pasadena Jones Act Lawyer

Work in the maritime industry has earned a reputation for being dangerous—and for a good reason. This high-risk occupation involves large equipment, difficult weather conditions, and the ever-present risk of drowning. When injuries occur, a seasoned maritime injury attorney might be able to help.

When you are a seaman, sailor, or offshore worker that has been injured at work, you could be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act. These claims can be complex, especially if you pursue them on your own. A Pasadena Jones Act lawyer could help you pursue a claim for the compensation you deserve following a significant workplace injury.

Understanding the Jones Act

The Jones Act has been a fixture of federal law since the early 1900s. In the aftermath of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, lawmakers recognized that working on a seafaring vessel was unsafe and worthy of protection. The Jones Act provides compensation for seamen and sailors following an accident in certain situations.

Not every maritime worker is protected by the Jones Act. Understanding when the Jones Act applies is an important service offered by Pasadena attorneys. First and foremost, these benefits are reserved for those working on American vessels.

To qualify under the Jones Act, a person must spend at least 30 percent of their work time on a vessel. What’s more, this vessel must be “in navigation.” That means any time spent in drydock or not in operation does not count. In addition, a person only qualifies if the position they fill on a vessel contributes to the function of the vessel.

The law applies broadly to different vessels but there are no strict limitations on the type of ships the Jones Act applies to. It might be possible to seek compensation for injuries aboard an enormous tanker ship or a small tugboat.

It can often be difficult to know whether or not a person injured at sea qualifies for benefits through the Jones Act. Because of the complex nature of this system of benefits, it is important to seek out legal counsel right away following an injury.

Compensation Under the Jones Act

A successful claim through this worker injury law will result in various types of monetary compensation. A Pasadena Jones Act attorney could pursue the following types of compensation for an injured boat worker

Medical Expenses

A successful claim under the Jones Act could provide for any medical bills associated with an accident while working on a vessel. This compensation could pay for both past and future expenses.

Lost Wages

Any wages lost due to the inability to work could result in a claim for compensation. Damages based on lost wages are possible through the Jones Act.

Vocational Training

Some people that suffer a permanent injury while working on a vessel – such as a TBI or paralysis – are physically unable to return to work. In these situations, compensation could be available for vocational rehabilitation. This training could give an injured seaman the opportunity to find a new line of work that is suitable for their physical condition.

Talk to a Pasadena Jones Act Attorney Right Away

When you have been injured at sea, the Jones Act could provide you with financial compensation for the harm you endured. Claims through this law are not available for every worker, but the right legal counsel could advise if you qualify. Our Pasadena Jones Act lawyer could ensure you meet the qualifications before filing a claim, so call us for more information today.

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