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Personal Injury Protection in Katy Car Accidents

The primary goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to recover monetary damages for the costs you incurred. While this means naming the liable party in the suit with help from a trusted car accident attorney, many drivers in Katy, TX may have some financial protection of their own already available to them. When looking to take legal action, ask us about using your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Katy car accidents.

What Is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

Personal injury protection coverage is a type of insurance coverage a motorist can purchase, and can be used regardless if the accident is the motorist’s fault. Through this, they will have some money to cover their injuries and the minimum they can purchase the coverage for is $2,500. This is a no-fault insurance to help them pay their medical bills, regardless of fault. Even if they have health insurance, they could still make a claim on their personal injury protection.

Personal injury protection coverage provides additional insurance that the driver has purchased for themselves to cover any potential injuries, regardless of whether they were at fault. In addition to making their PIP claim, a Katy driver who was injured in an accident might make a claim on the other driver’s insurance under the liability portion because the other driver was liable for the accident.

Drivers Who Do Not Have PIP Coverage

PIP is not mandatory in Texas. Lawyers routinely handle cases where there is no personal injury protection coverage, and it does not change the legal situation very much. This just represents some additional money that a lawyer can attempt to collect in the lawsuit. In Katy, if a motorist has not signed a rejection of personal injury protection, their own insurance company has to extend it to them for the minimum limit of $2,500.

Drivers Might Not Realize They Have This Coverage

One common misperception about personal injury protection coverage is that people think they do not have it. A lot of drivers have this insurance and do not even know they have it. If they seek legal help, a personal injury lawyer will help them check with their agent to see if they have this protection, and they will get it collected to address their injury losses.

Everyone who drives on the road should get PIP coverage. It is comparatively cheap, and provides $10,000 in protection coverage after an accident.

Lawyers can educate their clients on the low cost of personal injury protection coverage, and that it provides some insurance for individuals even when the accident turns out to be their own fault.

Talk to a Katy Attorney if You Are Unsure About How PIP Coverage Plays Into Your Car Accident Claim

In certain situations, $10,000 of PIP protection may be enough to cover your immediate losses after a crash. For others, especially those who were significantly injured and may require years – or a lifetime – of therapy, this will not be nearly enough.

Call our team and we can discuss the use of Personal Injury Protection in Katy car accidents, as well as what you should do if the losses amount to much more than that. We are experienced in these cases and could provide the knowledge and support you need during this time.

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