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Katy Rollover Accident Lawyer

Any car crash that occurs at any significant speed is going to be dangerous for the drivers and passengers. However, the most dangerous of all may be the rollover crash. A car accident injury claim will hinge on the damages inflicted and these types of crashes can produce significant – even deadly – injuries to a person. Consult with our Katy rollover accident lawyer to learn how you should approach this legal action.

What Constitutes a Rollover Accident?

A vehicle is considered to have been in a rollover accident when it flips over, either onto its roof or all the way around and back onto its wheels. It may roll multiple times depending on the extent of the collision. Each turn of the car presents an instance where someone could hit their head, break a bone, or be thrown from the vehicle.

If there is a severe collision at an intersection, the target vehicle can hit the side of another vehicle, causing it to then roll over onto its side. A lot of rollovers occur when a car is hit by a truck with a high center of gravity, which makes them turn too fast. If a vehicle is knocked off the road and down a hill or a ravine, it will roll as it goes down that inclined slope, injuring the occupants in the process.

What Makes Rollover Accidents Different From Any Other?

Rollovers can have extremely bad injuries because of the violent action. The unique thing about rollovers, and what needs to be considered in every rollover where there are catastrophic injuries, is whether the product was safe when the crash occurred. Cars need to be designed in such a way that they are not prone to flip over. And if they do rollover, the occupant compartment should not collapse and hurt the people inside it because it was not strong enough. It is important to work with a Katy rollover injury lawyer who can assess if there was a recall of that type of vehicle due to evidence of not being able to prevent injuries sustained in a rollover.

Preventing and Documenting Rollover Accidents

People can try and prevent accidents by being safe and defensive drivers. The best defense for a rollover is to wear a seatbelt and use a vehicle equipped with airbags. If someone is in an accident that has enough force to cause their vehicle to roll over, at that point there is not a lot they can do to prevent it from happening.

In any rollover case, a lawyer will want to look at the product and see if the design of the vehicle had something to do with why it rolled over, such as having a center of gravity that was too high. A rollover vehicle accident attorney in Katy should also should look at the occupant restraint systems, the airbags, and the strength of the cage that surrounds the vehicle. If any of those designs were inadequate in preventing injuries, they might be able to file a product liability case against the automaker or the manufacturer of a specific faulty part.

Learn More from a Katy Rollover Accident Attorney

People have been killed in rollover crashes, while many others can sustain spinal cord damage, paralysis, and crushing injuries that will stay with them the rest of their life. A Katy rollover accident lawyer wants to help you with the financial fallout that comes with those injuries. Call us as soon as possible and discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer who cares about getting you the compensation you need.

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