An investigation  by the NSW Office of Transport Safety has found several breaches of safety regulations at Australia’s Capt. Cook’s Cruises. These breaches include failure to record passenger injuries properly, and poor maintenance of vessels.

Inspectors with the NSW Office of Transport Safety began investigating the Sydney-based fleet of 14 cruise ships. They found many instances of noncompliance with standards. For instance, the inspectors found that log books on many of the vessels were not being maintained consistently. Many of these log books did not contain important safety-related information. Standard reporting and documentation obligations were not being met on many of the vessels.

The inspectors also found that there was inconsistency in the safety incidents that were actually occurring on the vessel, and the records that were submitted. The incidents that occurred were different from the details that were contained in the report which was entered in the vessel’s logbook.

The inspectors also found poor recording of passenger injuries on cruises. Out of the 87 injuries that occurred last year on Capt. Cook’s cruises, only 4 were reported. That is a staggering failure to properly maintain and record passenger injuries. The inspectors were also concerned about the shoddy level of maintenance of vessels, and a shortage of adequate signs for emergency exits.

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