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AutoZone Work Injury Lawsuits in Houston

In the 21st century, people have certain expectations about their workplaces. They know that considerable advancements have improved workplace conditions over how they used to be in the past. Consequently, they expect that their jobs will be relatively safe. Unfortunately, people are still exposed to dangers while at work and some workplaces and professions are inherently more unsafe than others.

If you experienced harm while on-the-job, you should meet with a well-versed lawyer who has extensive experience with AutoZone work injury lawsuits in Houston. A qualified personal injury attorney might be able to help you pursue the compensation you need to pay for the losses resulting from your accident.

How Non-Subscriber Claims Work for AutoZone Employees

Unlike most other states, Texas does not require private employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, employers like AutoZone that do not subscribe to the statewide workers’ compensation system are supposed to set up their own plans to cover workplace injuries. Anytime someone gets hurt while at work or because of something they did for their job, they should be able to collect compensation from their employer for their losses.

Unfortunately, sometimes non-subscriber employers refuse to pay injured workers their rightful benefits, which forces employees to pursue civil lawsuits in order to get what they deserve.

A seasoned lawyer could investigate what went wrong and negotiate for a fair settlement. If AutoZone’s insurers refuse to offer a reasonable settlement, the legal team would not be afraid to fight for what is right in court.

Civil Claims Based on an Unsafe Working Environment

To succeed in a legal claim, an injured employee needs to prove that their employer’s negligence contributed to their injury. Most lawsuits against employers involve claims that the employer failed to provide their workers with a reasonably safe working environment. Although employers cannot always remove every hazard from a job, they should do everything possible to minimize the risk of injuries.

For instance, firefighters constantly work around fires. The city cannot remove the risk of fires because putting out fires is the very nature of what firefighters do. However, the city could minimize the risk of injuries by providing firefighters with effective protective safety equipment and tools.

In a worker claim against AutoZone, a determined legal team could search for evidence that the employer did not keep the workplace safe. If an employee got hurt because of another worker’s mistakes, the injured employee could argue that the employer failed to hire skilled workers or that they failed to correctly train their workers on how to perform their jobs effectively. The dedicated attorneys could use the evidence they find to build a strong claim for compensation.

Third-Party Work Injury Claims

Another potential source of compensation would be to pursue a claim against someone other than an employer. Third party lawsuits involve claims against someone else who caused a worker’s injuries, such as a subcontractor, vendor, or product manufacturer. A qualified attorney could review the details of a work accident at AutoZone to see if anyone other than the employer bears legal responsibility.

Talk to a Houston Attorney About Filing an AutoZone Work Injury Lawsuit

If you experienced a serious injury while working at AutoZone, you have the right to demand compensation for your losses. A knowledgeable lawyer understands how to build solid claims for compensation in AutoZone work injury lawsuits in Houston.

Talk to us about what happened to you and learn how we may be able to assist you with securing critical compensation.

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