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Beaumont Slip and Fall Lawyer

Sometimes a bad slip and fall will produce significant injury, and you are left wondering how to pay for medical care and monthly bills if you cannot work for wages. Depending on where the fall occurs, a property owner, landlord, manager, or the government could be responsible for compensating you, unless you were trespassing.

If you are visiting commercial property, such as a grocery store, you are an invitee who naturally expects the experience will not be fraught with danger. As a social visitor, legally called a licensee, your host has a lesser duty of care but must still provide a reasonably safe experience. Our seasoned personal injury attorney could help you identify which level of visitor you were, and move forward with the claim accordingly.

After getting medical treatment, your first call should be to a Beaumont slip and fall lawyer.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Where They Occur

Slip and fall accidents occur when the surface that people walk on is unsafe, either over time or suddenly, and someone loses their bearing and falls. Commercial property owners are expected to repair dangerous conditions they know about, such as a liquid spill on a grocery store floor, and be vigilant to find hidden dangers through routine inspections. If the danger discovered takes some time to repair, like a plumbing leak, property owners and managers are expected to warn customers by taping the area off or displaying signs.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but some of the most common are:

  • Grocery store spills
  • Plumbing leaks that cause puddled floors
  • Nursing home staff that fails to closely oversee an unstable patient
  • Cracked, uneven, poorly maintained sidewalks or parking lots
  • Unlit stairwells cluttered with debris

To recover a damages award for a slip and fall accident in Beaumont, TX, an injured party and their lawyer must show someone else was negligent and the negligent act caused the resulting harm.

The Mechanics of Negligence

Negligence begins with a person’s duty to act like a reasonable one would in similar circumstances, and then breaching that duty by acting unreasonably. If the acts cause an accident with compensable injuries, negligence is established.

For instance, an apartment house manager has a duty to change hallway and stairwell lights to avoid injuries to residents and visitors. A manager who keeps forgetting to perform this duty is breaching it. If a visitor falls down the stairs because the stairwell lights are burned out, the resulting injuries are subject to a damages award by a jury after a civil lawsuit for negligence. Beaumont attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and drive to win substantial slip and fall settlements and damages awards for injured plaintiffs. When a party is responsible for someone’s injuries, they must be held accountable.

Compensation for a Tripping Accident

Compensation in civil cases personal injuries often includes economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages can be tallied to a specific amount, such as what an injured person pays for medical care and how much they lose in wages from being unable to work. Non-economic damages are subjectively assigned a dollar amount for injuries that include the amount of pain the plaintiff is in, emotional trauma, and the loss of enjoyment of life. A lawyer may assist in calculating how much damages are required.

Call a Beaumont Slip and Fall Attorney to Seek Justice

If you slip and fall because someone else did not attend to a dangerous condition, from a spilled drink to cracked uneven sidewalks, you may be eligible for compensation from the defendant. Failing to make property safe for visitors is considers negligence if you are hurt because of it.

Our mission is to help the injured when others cause them harm. We will review your case and advise you about your options, which could mean we can negotiate a settlement with an insurance company or litigate on your behalf. Contact a Beaumont slip and fall lawyer now and you will be one step closer to compensation.

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