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Beaumont Truck Accident Lawyer

Nobody expects to be in an accident with a tractor trailer, but when truckers or companies are careless with their driving, these huge vehicles can unleash havoc. In an instant, your life can change forever.

A Beaumont truck accident lawyer is here to advocate for motorists and passengers who have been injured due to the negligence of third parties. The focus of our legal team is to investigate the circumstances of the accident, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies for fair settlements, and represent clients in court if it comes to that. Our personal injury lawyers know trucking laws and regulations inside and out, and we understand the games trucking companies play to avoid accountability. We handle these aspects so you do not have to.

Types of Compensation for Truck Crashes

Victims of truck driving accidents in Beaumont can collect various types of injury compensation when they hire a lawyer. The type of reward is determined by the facts of each individual case. Common types of compensation in truck driving accidents include:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

In the cases where the trucking accident results in a fatality, surviving family members may be compensated for wrongful death damages. The damages collected under a wrongful death case include burial and funeral costs, medical bills, loss of companionship, and emotional distress of surviving family members.

Is There a Deadline to File Suit?

The statute of limitations refers to the time constraint when an injured party may file a lawsuit. The purpose of the statute is to promote fairness and speed in the legal system by precluding parties from delaying legal action indefinitely. Under Texas law, the party injured has two years from the date of the truck accident to file a claim. If the injured party fails to bring the suit by the deadline, they will most likely be unable to receive compensation.

Determining Liability for a Collision

There are many potential parties involved in a lawsuit, and an experienced Beaumont truck accident attorney will help determine which parties to include as defendants. Liable parties can include the vehicle manufacturer, trucking company, truck driver, and cargo loaders. A local government entity or construction company might even be liable if the crash stemmed from a defect in the road.

A trucking company may be brought into a suit due to several factors such as inadequate training, careless hiring practices, or failure to maintain the vehicles in working order. A manufacturer or distributor of trucking parts can be held liable if the accident is caused by a defective truck part such as brake failure, steering system failure, or tire blowouts.

A truck driver may also be found to be negligent if it involved traffic violations, reckless driving, distracted driving, or driving under the influence. A Beaumont lawyer could determine the direction of the lawsuit by gathering evidence about the incident.

Schedule a Consultation with a Beaumont, TX Truck Accident Attorney Today

Trucking companies are required to follow strict safety regulations. When they cut corners to boost profits at the expense of public safety, our firm is here to pursue cases against them.

Our legal team will give all our attention to the facts of each individual truck accident case. We understand the complexities of state statutes, case law, and legal procedures, making sure that your rights and interests are protected. Please call us today to speak with a Beaumont truck accident attorney. Your consultation is completely free.

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