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Advanced Prosthetics Help Patients Move Robotic Arm Through Mind Control

Most of the exciting developments in prosthetics technology recently involve prosthetic limbs that are controlled through a brain-machine interface using computer technology. In such cases, the person is able to move his robotic arm, using inputs from his own brain. The technology, which would have seemed futuristic just a few years ago, has now become

Experts Recommend Against Use Of Steroids To Treat Spinal Injury

In a path breaking new announcement, the country’s leading neurological surgeons are recommending against the use of steroids to treat a patient in the early stages of acute spinal injury. The recommendation was made by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. The recommendation was contained in a list of

Robotic Device Helps Paralyzed Patient to Move through Mind Control

Offshore workers who have suffered a spinal cord injury, and are no longer able to move their lower limbs, may be interested in the recent development of a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton. The device works on a command by the user in the form of a thought. Simply put, when the user who’s wearing the robotic

Mild Hypothermia Found Effective in Treating Spinal Injury

Fall accidents are the most frequent cause of spinal cord injuries involving maritime workers. These are some of the most catastrophic injuries, and can lead to lifelong devastating consequences for the worker. These injuries are so catastrophic because there is no complete for spinal injury. However, there has been a lot of interesting new research

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