Walmart isn’t just your local store. It does business in 26 countries, bringing in $26 trillion (that’s “tr” as in “trillion”) in revenue in 2020. It’s such a large company that it’s cheaper for them to act as their insurance company. They handle and investigate their personal injury claims, and Walmart has its own attorneys.

If you suffered an injury on a Walmart property, Schechter, Shaffer, & Harris, LLP will protect your legal rights and navigate your premises liability claim through the company’s processes and procedures. Walmart is known for its ability to distribute and organize products through its network of stores. Injury claims are just one more thing Walmart moves around until they’re resolved.

If you work at this company and were injured on the job, ask us about filing a Walmart work injury claim.

What Should I Do After Being Injured at Walmart?

Take a deep breath and wait a second to take stock after falling, slipping, or being knocked over by someone at the store. Try to determine what, if any, injuries you suffered. Depending on the accident, you may have suffered soft tissue injuries, sprained joints, broken bones, or injured your back, neck, or head. You may have have lost consciousness.

Get up to your feet if you can safely do so. If not, if a store associate isn’t near you, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. If you can’t get up, wait for a first responder to help you up and possibly put you on a stretcher. Walmart employees are used to physical labor, but they’re not trained to pick people off the floor. If they do so improperly, they may injure themselves and you.

If you can get up, report the problem to the nearest employee, who may send store security to talk to you and file a report. Take photos and videos of the area where you slipped. If you came with a friend or family member who saw you fall, ask them on-camera what they saw and describe the place where you fell.

You can also reconstruct, as best you can, what happened on camera. Was the floor, sidewalk, or parking lot wet, slippery, cracked, uneven, or poorly lit? Did an employee or other shopper bump into you, causing you to lose your balance?

Tell the store employee what happened. Stick to the facts of the accident. Maintain your privacy and don’t unnecessarily discuss other medical conditions. Give them your contact information but don’t write or sign anything.

When Should I Get Medical Attention?

See a healthcare professional as soon as possible. If you’re not safe to drive, have someone else drive you to the nearest hospital or call for an ambulance. If you’re in severe pain, dizzy, or confused, don’t worsen your fall injury by driving yourself and causing a vehicle accident on the way to the hospital.

The earlier you get medical attention, the better. This will get you a diagnosis, and the earlier treatment starts, the sooner you should be back to normal. This quick attention also helps your claim because it shows that this is a serious condition you want to be addressed. The longer you wait for medical care, the greater the risk Walmart will claim your injury isn’t serious or it was caused somewhere else.

What Should I Do If Walmart Contacts Me?

Someone working for Walmart acting as an insurance adjuster will call you. They will want more facts, may ask that you to record a statement or a conversation, and may even offer you a settlement. The person may tell you they’ll pay your claim, but they need more information first.

Politely decline, tell them you’re working with an attorney, and you will call them back. The more you talk, the more you risk saying something that will hurt your claim. You may mistakenly put the blame on yourself or make it sound like your injury is minor. That promise to pay you may disappear if you say the wrong things.

Why Should I Get Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP Involved?

Contact us after you’ve gotten medical care so we can schedule a consultation.

We will deal with Walmart so you won’t have to. We will investigate your claim and find all the evidence in their possession that may help your case. That could be reports of prior accidents with the same cause and security camera footage of what happened to you. Our attorneys will also document your injuries, how they impair you, and how they affect your personal, family, and work life.

We will negotiate for you the best outcome possible while you focus on recovery, your family, and getting your life back together. No matter how big Walmart is, we may take them to court if they’re unreasonable and not treating you fairly. The litigation may proceed, and we will probably reach an agreement. If we can’t, we can take your case to a jury, tell your side of the story, and show how their negligence caused your fall and injury.

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP Helps People Injured at Walmart

Our attorneys have many years of legal experience helping those injured while on private, government, and business properties. Our Houston law office deals with major insurance providers and corporations like Walmart to protect our clients’ rights and get them the best resolution possible.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we’ll discuss your accident, how Texas law may apply and your best options for obtaining compensation.