Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers attorneys, Matthew D. Shaffer and Laura De La Cruz, recently negotiated a confidential settlement for a vessel-based tankerman. The tankerman suffered severe head and neck injuries after a large ceiling shop fan fell and struck him while he was checking equipment in a barge pump room. Lead Counsel, Matt Shaffer, said, “We were able to prove that not only was the fan improperly mounted and that the vessel owner failed to utilize the manufacturers mounting kit, but we also established that the fan should have never been used in a marine or explosive environment.” The client sought treatment for concussion symptoms and was ultimately diagnosed with a significant cervical injury.  The client attempted to return to work after this major trauma, but ultimately, felt it was unsafe for both himself and his fellow crewmembers. “Our client made every effort to  return to work , but at the end of the day, his injuries were too severe for him to continue. He has worked hard his entire life and was not ready to give-up on his life¹s work without a fight. We believe the settlement we negotiated on his behalf will go far in supporting him and his family for a long time,” stated Shaffer.

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