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Pasadena Construction-Refinery Accident Lawyer

Construction sites and oil refineries are among the nation’s most dangerous workplaces. When the working conditions are unsafe and you get hurt, you could bring a claim for compensation.

The laws regarding workplace injuries can be complicated, and the stakes are high. A Pasadena construction-refinery accident lawyer knows how to get injured employees the compensation they need and deserve.

Why These Worksites Are So Dangerous

Construction sites and refineries are usually scenes of controlled chaos—and sometimes, the chaos is not well-controlled. Typically, there are workers from different trades working in close physical proximity, all trying to meet tight schedules, none with complete control of the worksite. Accidents are bound to happen.

Many workplace accidents are preventable. Slips and falls over wires, debris, and other hazards frequently cause injuries to construction and refinery workers. Falls from a height and accidents involving heavy equipment or malfunctioning machinery are also common at these job sites. Exposure to toxic chemicals, fires, and explosions are major hazards, especially among refinery workers.

Employers could prevent most workplace accidents through strict adherence to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations governing workplace safety. A Pasadena attorney could investigate the specifics of the construction or refinery accident to determine whether OSHA violations occurred and whether there is a history of OSHA violations at the workplace. If so, the violations could be evidence of negligence that could help prove liability for a worker’s losses.

Determining Who is Responsible for Paying Compensation

Securing compensation for workplace accidents can be challenging because the claimant must identify the party responsible for the incident. They must then determine whether they could bring a lawsuit against them.

If a worker’s employer was responsible for the injury and the employer subscribes to the Workers’ Compensation program, the worker must claim benefits through the program. When the responsible employer does not subscribe to the program, a worker could claim compensation through a negligence lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer.

In many cases of a Pasadena worker injury at a construction site or refinery, someone other than the worker’s employer is responsible for the situation that caused the injury. When a third party, such as a site owner, a contractor, or another third party is responsible for the injury, the injured worker could bring a lawsuit holding the third party liable for their losses. A skilled attorney would devote effort to identifying all the parties who might bear some or all the responsibility for an accident.

Bringing a Lawsuit Seeking Compensation

When an injured worker brings a lawsuit seeking compensation, they must prove someone was negligent. A claimant can prove negligence with evidence of a failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations, poor training, inadequate supervision, improper screening of employment applicants, insufficient safety equipment, and similar failings.

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 says that someone who is primarily responsible for the situation that caused their injury may not collect compensation from other negligent parties. Worker carelessness is often a factor when they get hurt, but a Pasadena attorney could present evidence showing that others bore more responsibility for the situation than the injured oil refinery worker.

Sometimes, the worker’s alleged fault for the accident is immaterial. When a worker sues their non-subscribing employer for negligence, they can collect at least some percentage of damages even if they are 99 percent at fault and the employer is only one percent to blame.

Call a Pasadena Attorney to Pursue Damages for a Construction or Refinery Workplace Injury

Getting hurt on the job can have a negative impact on your health and your finances. The negligent parties who contributed to your accident should pay your losses.

Contact a Pasadena construction-refinery accident lawyer to get help holding negligent parties accountable for your injuries. Discuss your situation with Schechter, Shaffer & Harris as soon as possible.

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