At Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers, we strive to achieve the maximum compensation possible for our injured clients. We understand that these funds are critical to helping accident victims recover physically, emotionally and financially. We’re please to share some of our recent case results on behalf of our clients.

Cynthia Huerta

As former attorney to insurance companies and trucking companies, Cynthia Huerta now focuses on fighting for the rights of injury victims. Her experience on the other side of the aisle and knowledge of insurance company practices helps her achieve success and maximum compensation on her clients’ behalf.

Here are some of Cynthia’s recent case results:

  • $500,000 Settlement for client who suffered back and shoulder injury in motor vehicle collision. Client Received Total: $295,984.80.
  • $300,000 Settlement for client who suffered back and neck injury in motor vehicle collision. Client Received Total: $176,265.50.
  • $275,000 Settlement for client who suffered neck injury when apartment complex failed to maintain stairwell in safe manner. Client Received Total: $158,364.78.
  • $92,000 Settlement for client who suffered leg and knee injuries in motor vehicle accident. Client Received Total: $60,907.34.
  • $95,000 Settlement for client from two defendants who each blamed each other for causing the wreck. Client Received Total: $51,115.74.
  • $30,000 Settlement for client from insurance company that originally denied claim. Client Received Total: $20,019.31.

AJ Rosenfeld

AJ Rosenfeld has dedicated his legal career to helping clients from across the state of Texas in a wide range of accident claims. AJ’s philosophy is that when people are hurt in an accident, they deserve a lawyer who will diligently protect their legal rights and personal interests.

Some of AJ’s recent case results include:

  • Over $88,000 Jury Award for a husband and wife who were rear-ended while driving on Interstate 10 near Columbus, Texas. Allstate offered each client $27,500 for their damages. A jury awarded the wife $50,868.50 and husband $37,960. Client Received Total: Wife $35,821.50, Husband $26,518.80.
  • $30,000 Policy Limit Recovered for a client who was on the side of the road due to stalled motorcycle when she was rear-ended by a negligent driver. The insurance company paid their policy limit of $30,000 after it was proven client’s knee surgery was directly related to the wreck. Client Received Total: $20,962.46.
  • $30,000 Policy Limit Recovered for a client who was stopped due to traffic on the East Sam Houston Parkway when a vehicle rear-ended him. The insurance company paid their policy limit of $30,000 to settle his case. Client Received Total: $18,836.02.

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