The crewmembers of a semi submersible drilling rig in the North Sea had a terrifying few moments last week, when a disabled supply ship drifted up against the rig. The crewmembers of the drilling rig “Songa Dee” had to be evacuated after the 3,325 dwt “MV Far Grimshaders” suffered an engine failure while working close to the semi submersible rig. The supply vessel drifted against the rig.  However, there were no injuries. The 50 seamen on the rig were evacuated to platforms nearby and back on the shore.

Marathon Oil Corporation which operates the rig, had to shut down operations at the Volund oil field in the Norwegian section of the North Sea. According to the company, one of the 8 platform legs was damaged. The supply vessel has since been towed to shore.

Oil rig workers who work on floating platforms and maritime lawyers will tell you that such accidents actually should never happen. There is no reason for a collision involving a rig and a supply vessel. There are enough technological aids and navigational devices to prevent such potentially dangerous equipment.

Work on a rig, whether a semisubmersible rig or jack up rig, is easily the most dangerous work in the world. Forbes magazine confirmed as much recently when it carried a report that showed that roustabouts on an oilrig have the worst jobs in the world. Those of us who have the luxury of living in comfort and safety onshore, may be able to get away with calling the lives of rig workers the worst in the world, but for the men who work on these platforms, every moment is filled with danger.  Unseen and unknown hazards lurk everywhere. Rough seas, high tides, stormy weather conditions, fatigue, tiredness, miscellaneous accidents – oilrig workers face these everyday with little complaint.

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