The cruise ship Boudicca run by a Suffolk company confined its passengers to their cabins during a recent norovirus outbreak.

So far, 13 passengers are currently keeping to their rooms on board Boudicca after becoming ill on their Mediterranean cruise.  Up to 30 people have experienced symptoms on the three-week trip according to the cruise line.

Stormy and rough weather conditions in the eastern Mediterranean have worsened the viral effects, causing many people to suffer from sea-sickness.

The cruise liner Boudicca is set to arrive in Southampton on March 22, 2010, and is planned to embark upon another cruise from Liverpool the next day.

In January, solicitors Irwin Mitchell told the BBC it was acting for 50 people taken sick on Fred Olsen cruises during the past three months.

What is Norovirus?

Norovirus causes approximately 90% of epidemic non-bacterial outbreaks of gastroenteritis around the world, and affects people of all ages. The viruses are transmitted by fecally-contaminated food or water and by person-to-person contact.  There is an inherited predisposition to infection, and individuals with blood type O are more often infected.

Outbreaks of norovirus infection often occur in closed communities like cruise ships where the infection can spread rapidly.  Just like the old saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch,” these outbreaks can often be traced to food that was handled by one infected person.

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