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Katy Defective Road Accident Lawyer

Broken traffic lights, missing signage, jagged potholes, and other road defects pose significant risks to those on or near roadways in Katy. When you were hurt in an accident stemming from a problem with the street construction, state and local law may enable you to bring a premises liability claim against the person in charge of maintaining it. Instead of trying to take on this task yourself, consider connecting with a Katy defective road accident lawyer who could assist you.

Our respected law firm has helped many people living in or traveling through Katy who find themselves injured, or their cars needing repair work, because of problematic roads. We call on our years of experience and proven track record of success to guide us as we support you in courtroom battles against institutions like state, municipal, and county governments.

Common Types of Road Defects

Many factors can cause a roadway to be defective, such as improper signage, malfunctioning traffic signals, dangerous potholes, or bulky trash in the traffic lanes. Additionally, if the street does not have the proper painted lines, it can confuse drivers about where they should drive their cars. Likewise, poorly managed construction work can fail to warn motorists of obstructions or changes to the flow of traffic.

Additionally, if the road signs do not notify drivers of a change in speed limit, this can create a dangerous condition that increases the risk of accidents. Uneven lanes, or missing curbs or guardrails, may also impair someone’s ability to use a street safely. Finally, if a poorly maintained speed bump has defects (like jagged or missing pieces), it can damage people and property who drive over it.

Single- or multi-car motor vehicle accidents caused by defective roads can result in significant injuries and damage to those on or around the street. Attorneys who practice in Katy are familiar with the many road defects that can lead to adverse events, such as dinged bumpers, damaged wheels, and devastating crashes. They counsel plaintiffs of their rights and help them bring claims against those responsible for the defect.

Who Is at Fault for a Road Defect?

Multiple private and governmental agencies may share responsibility for upkeep of a roadway. For example, one agency may be in charge of maintaining the surface of the road, whereas another one may bear responsibility for traffic lights. Additionally, if a construction company is working on the road, it may be their job to block off the street and divert traffic properly.

When suing a government worker or agency for a crash caused by a defect with the road itself, there are special rules for people in Katy and their attorneys need to follow. Chapter 101 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code outlines many of these rules, such as when the government may be liable for a road defect and what victims need to prove to win their cases. For example, government workers may not be responsible for injuries because they decided not to put up a stop sign, but they may be liable for failing to warn motorists of known street-related hazards.

Many people in accidents caused by road defects find it helpful to work with Katy attorneys so they can confidently move through the court system. Without a legal education, determining what requirements apply to their case, and what to do to meet them, can be incredibly challenging. Seasoned attorneys take the guesswork out of these facets of the claims process.

Call a Defective Road Injury Attorney in Katy for Assistance

State and local governments should reasonably maintain the roadways; when they fail to do so, they may be liable for the resulting damages. When you are injured because of uneven lanes, damaged curbs, faulty traffic signals, or other problematic road conditions, you may be eligible for compensation.

We know how to bring claims against public entities for failing to do its job to protect its citizens by maintaining the roads. Contact a Katy defective road accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

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