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Katy Jones Act Lawyer

Those injured while working at sea may not be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, they may have to file a fault-based claim using the Jones Act. When you get hurt while working on a seafaring vessel, such as a fishing boat or cruise or cargo ship, recovering compensation may require you to prove your employer is responsible for what happened to you.

You can give yourself the space and energy you need to heal by working with a Katy Jones Act lawyer at our firm. Our experienced maritime injury attorneys welcome the chance to talk with you and determine how our firm could best serve you during this time.

What Is the Jones Act?

The Jones Act (46 United States Code § 30104) is a federal law allowing eligible seamen to file a personal injury lawsuit when they are hurt at work. As explained in 46 U.S.C. § 10101(3), to qualify as a seaman, the employee must work on a vessel (anything used for water transport). However, scientific personnel, sailing school instructors or students, and aquaculture workers (like some categories of fish farmers) do not qualify for compensation under this law. Workers doing particular kinds of work, like offshore pipelaying, and who are not citizens of the United States also cannot qualify for benefits under this law.

Many people in Katy who sustain injuries while at sea find it empowering to work with a Jones Act lawyer with extensive experience in this area of the law. An attorney could confidently handle the legal aspects of the claim, helping pave the way for the worker to get the compensation they need. Additionally, a lawyer could help the employee identify other possible avenues of recovery to maximize their settlement.

What Compensation Could Someone Get Under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act allows eligible seamen to pursue the same types of damages available in other kinds of personal injury cases. These damages may include money to cover the worker’s medical bills for surgery, physical therapy, prescription medications, and doctor visits. Likewise, if workers must take time away from employment while they heal, their compensation package may also cover lost wages or, in some cases, loss of earning potential.

Under 45 U.S.C. § 53, the court may reduce the employee’s total compensation by the amount of contributory negligence they share for their injury. There are exceptions when this would not apply, for example, if the employer caused the employee’s injuries because it broke a law intended to keep workers safe.

Jones Act lawyers in Katy help workers and their families understand and safeguard their rights to compensation if an employment-related accident occurs. They know how to use these special laws to benefit the injured.

Call a Jones Act Attorney in Katy for Assistance

If you are a seaman and got hurt because of your employer’s negligence, you may be eligible for a financial award to cover your losses. Filing a claim may give you the chance to tell your story and get what you need to support yourself and your family. Instead of handling the legal claim yourself, consider collaborating with an attorney who could help.

Our legal team understands how dangerous working on the high seas can be. We take pride in holding negligent employers responsible when they cut corners and cause honest seamen to get hurt in the process. Contact a Katy Jones Act lawyer on our team to schedule a consultation.

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