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Potential Injuries Working at Walmart in Houston

Workplaces today are considerably safer than they used to be. Laws limiting how many hours employees can work, improvements in technology and machinery, and other workplace protections have helped workers in all fields and industries. Unfortunately, even with all these safety protections and innovations in place today, workplace accidents still occasionally occur. These accidents can result in unexpected medical costs and forced time off work.

People can sustain many potential injuries while working at Walmart in Houston. If you suffered harm while on-the-job, a dedicated Walmart worker injury attorney might be able to help you obtain the financial help that could improve your quality of life.

Types of Injuries Suffered by Houston Walmart Workers

Walmart workers perform many different jobs. Some people work in the storefronts as cashiers, sales floor associates, or as greeters in customer service, while others stock shelves or work as forklift operators in warehouses. Still others perform their job duties in corporate offices or drive cargo in delivery trucks. The wide variety of job duties can lead to many different types of accidents and injuries.

Some workers suffer acute injuries, such as broken bones, brain injuries, or back and neck injuries, from falling on wet floors or sustaining harm in motor vehicle accidents. Other employees develop illnesses or medical problems based on long-term exposure to dangerous substances or hazardous working conditions. For example, some Walmart employees develop muscle strains, sprains, pulled muscles, or herniated discs in their back from lifting cumbersome boxes. Walmart office workers can also suffer repetitive use injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, from repeatedly using the same movements in their fingers and hands as they type.

All these injuries could leave workers with significant, unexpected medical bills and emotional anguish. If their injury stops them from working, they might also experience financial strain due to their lost wages. A dedicated local attorney could help an injured worker search for a legal solution to their financial problems.

Steps to Take After Suffering a Workplace Injury at a Houston Walmart

The first priority of any injured worker should be to treat their medical injuries. As soon as possible, they should seek medical assistance. In addition to resolving their urgent medical needs, a full medical evaluation could help an injured worker document their injuries. Having a doctor’s report clearly stating each of their injuries could protect an employee in the event their employer later claims their injuries did not occur from their job or were not serious enough.

After treating their medical injuries, an injured worker should consult with a knowledgeable local lawyer for advice. Like some other large, private employers in Texas, Walmart does not offer its employees traditional workers’ compensation insurance. Instead, Walmart is a non-subscriber, which means the company provides its own system of insurance for injured employees. A dedicated attorney could help a worker file to obtain benefits under the Walmart plan. If Walmart, another employee, or a third party did something to cause a worker’s injury, the injured party has the right to pursue compensation in a civil suit.

Talk to a Houston Attorney About Potential Walmart Workplace Injuries

Even with advancements in worker protections, workplace injuries still happen and require immediate attention. People suffer many potential injuries working at Walmart in Houston, some of which may lead to long-term physical and emotional pain and financial hardships.

If you suffered harm while at work or because of your job duties, talk to Schechter Shaffer & Harris to learn more about pursuing a claim against Walmart for your losses.

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