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Potential Injuries Working at Coca-Cola in Houston

From being employed at bottling plants to driving delivery trucks, jobs with Coca-Cola and American Bottling Company can be fulfilling. Unfortunately, these careers also come with notable risks. Some incidents can lead to debilitating conditions that make it impossible to ever return to the workforce.

If you were hurt on the job, you might have a viable case for compensation. Depending on the circumstances, a monetary award could be available through a civil lawsuit or the workers’ compensation system. Let an experienced workplace accident attorney advise you on the potential injuries of working at Coca-Cola in Houston.

Common Injuries at Coca-Cola

With numerous employees in and around Houston, Coca-Cola workers face an ever-present risk of harm. These on-the-job wounds can vary from minor to potentially life-altering. In each case, a workers’ compensation claim could be appropriate. It is also worth noting that potential injuries in Houston while working at Coca-Cola might serve as the basis for a civil personal injury suit. Some common examples include the following:

The legal options available following a work-based injury at Coca-Cola might not be obvious. There is a common misconception that workers’ compensation benefits are the only way to recover damages following an incident on the job. In reality, it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit if the employer is a non-subscriber to workers’ comp.

Legal action is possible when third parties are to blame for an on-the-job accident, and in some situations, even an employer could be the target of a negligence lawsuit. It is crucial to speak with legal counsel to determine the best course of action.

How Accidents Happen at Coca-Coca

Every person at Coca-Cola faces risks that are specific to their type of employment. Drivers deal with the constant risk of a vehicle collision; office workers are more likely to deal with repetitive stress injuries. Some of the factors that can lead to these conditions include the following.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In general, motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries. While delivery drivers face a higher likelihood of these incidents, accidents can also occur on the premises of bottling plants as well.


Slips, trips, and falls can happen in nearly any line of work. They are especially common in bottling facilities where liquids are spilled and not cleaned up in a timely manner.

Machine-Related Accidents

Bottling plants are full of heavy machinery and moving parts. While the law requires extensive safety tools and precautions, the reality is that serious wounds are still common in a manufacturing setting. Many of these situations occur when a person is caught in machinery, like an assembly line. They could suffer broken bones from being crushed or severe burns from touching hot surfaces.

Repetitive Stress

Not all workplace injuries result from a traumatic accident. Some of the most debilitating physical issues that can occur while working at Coca-Cola in Houston involve strain due to repetitive motion. Constantly lifting, pulling, or moving items in a way that requires constant similar motions can overexert muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Talk to an Attorney in Houston About Injuries While Working for Coca-Cola

It is rarely easy to deal with the consequences of a workplace accident. The potential injuries from working at Coca-Cola in Houston can be debilitating. In some situations, they can make it impossible to return to the workforce in the future.

You should not have to deal with the aftermath of this devastating event on your own. Experienced legal counsel could review your medical records, advise you of the options, and guide the case every step of the way. Call as soon as possible for a private consultation.

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