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Hitchcock Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

With its close proximity to the Port of Galveston and three other deepwater ports, Hitchcock plays a central role in the state and national economy. The dock, seaport, and offshore oil rigs in the area provide numerous employment opportunities for local citizens. Unfortunately, offshore oil rig companies do not always provide the safest work environments for their workers.

If you or your family member suffered harm while working on an offshore oil platform, a Hitchcock oil rig accident lawyer might be able to assist you. Our seasoned maritime injury attorneys have a deep understanding of the relevant laws and could help you work towards the relief you need.

Different Types of Oil Rigs and Their Dangers

Oil companies use different types of rigs in different water depth conditions. They can use platforms, jack-ups, floaters, barges, and submersibles, which can present various kinds of problems and risks of injuries to workers in Hitchcock.

Fixed-Platform Rigs

Fixed-platform rigs are stationary rigs and are generally stable. Companies generally use them to tap into shallow water mineral deposits. A disadvantage of a fixed-platform rig is that they cannot be moved. If bad weather conditions arrive, such as a hurricane, the oil company cannot move a stationary rig. Companies need to have detailed evacuation plans in place to prepare for emergencies – and could be liable for injuries if they do not.

Another disadvantage of stationary rigs is that they are expensive to build. Some construction companies and oil companies might try to save on money, which could result in substandard construction and pose safety hazards for workers.

Jack-Up Rigs

Jack-up rigs or self-elevating rigs are more mobile than fixed-platform rigs. Barges tow them to their positions and then the rigs are set up with legs above the ocean. They can be used in deeper waters.

Compliant Tower Rigs

Compliant tower rights have tall, thin designs, which allow them to drill up to 3,000 feet. However, they are often unstable because they sway and move around with varying wind and wave conditions, putting workers at risk of slipping and falling.

Tension Leg Platforms

Tension leg platforms are fixed but they also float, and can drill down to 7,000 feet. They float on the water surface but have tension legs to anchor them to the floor. These are often cheaper than other types of rigs, but can be unstable and move in rough weather conditions.

Submersible Platforms

Some oil rig workers perform their jobs from underwater submersibles. Oil companies use these types of rigs in very deep waters but it is an inherently dangerous environment that could lead to worker fatalities if something goes wrong.

Workers can sustain serious injuries on any type of rig, as well as in a boat or helicopter that is transporting them to it. Regardless of how or where their injuries occur, injured employees deserve financial compensation.

Avenues of Compensation for Injured Oil Rig Workers

Unlike most people who experience workplace injuries, oil rig workers are not generally eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, they can pursue compensation under the Jones Act, which lets injured oil rig workers bring personal injury claims against their employers on the grounds of negligence. If an oil company has not maintained their vessel or equipment, resulting in unsafe working conditions, an injured oil rig worker in Hitchcock could sue them by working with a lawyer who handles these cases regularly.

Call a Hitchcock Oil Rig Accident Attorney When You Need to Be Compensated

As an oil rig worker, you work hard every day and assume the risks of your dangerous profession, but a catastrophic injury on one of these platforms can be life-altering. If you suffer an on-the-job injury due to your employer’s negligence, you should be eligible to collect compensation for your losses.

You need to work with an attorney who understands how to fight for fair treatment under state and federal laws. Call a Hitchcock oil rig accident lawyer today and speak with a legal professional.

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