Current Population of Great Houston

The greater Houston area has a population of an estimated 6.6 million residents, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. According to the Census Bureau, Texas saw the greatest increase in population compared to all other states. Houston great area saw the largest increase of any metro area in the nation, adding roughly 160,000 residents. As cities grow and shrink all across the U.S., the cities have to evolve with the changes in population. Most Texas cities are not spread out compared to more densely populated cities in the northeast.

Pedestrian Safety Measurespedestrian

The more people in a smaller space means that safety is becoming important as ever. Houston is known for its traffic, so public transportation and walking is expected to be on the rise with more commuters. More pedestrians equal more sidewalks, crosswalks, and other concerns. Texas was ranked 10th more dangerous state for pedestrians according to a report released by the National Complete Streets Coalition at Smart Growth America in 2014. The report found that over 12% of all fatal traffic accidents involved a pedestrian being hurt or killed.

How to Help?

Progress in any situation will take time, just like this one. Each of us can do our part to prevent accidents by being aware of pedestrians. Many areas can take longer to develop crosswalks and safer walkways. Understanding this can help increase safety for everyone while cities adjust to population growth. If you have any questions about road laws concerning pedestrians, go to your local DMV website for clarification.