Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers have helped hundreds of clients claim millions of dollars in offshore incidents. Here are a few to note:


Our client injured his shoulder and arm when he was carrying hoses to clean a ship.

Client Received Total: $338,676.57

Our client had to have reconstructive surgery on his shoulder after the vessel supervisor attacked him.

Client Received Total: $331,200

Our client suffered serious injury to his eye while working aboard a vessel.

Client Received Total: $329,601.90

Our client suffered from brain damage after suffering from a heart attack on a ship. He was not provided with fast, sufficient medical case.

Client Received Total: $273,324.83

Our client was severely burned on the upper portion of his body.

Client Received Total: $245,145.02

Our client suffered from a brain injury and multiple fractures to his leg, ribs and skull while working on board a ship.

Client Received Total: $1,389,193.04

Our client was retrieving wire that started to spin on a propeller, injuring his back.

Client Received Total: $397,154

Our client fractured his foot after jumping from one boat to another.

Client Received Total: $291,655.28