Four people have been confirmed dead in an offshore helicopter crash off the coast of Brazil.  The helicopter had just taken off from a drilling platform located in the Atlantic Ocean when it crashed killing a pilot, co-pilot and two subcontractors.

The platform was operated by Brazilian company, Petrobras.  According to news accounts, the pilot of the helicopter had requested permission for an emergency landing at Rio de Janeiro soon after takeoff.  Emergency procedures were in place, but the airport lost contact with the helicopter.  The helicopter crashed off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.  The bodies of all four victims have been recovered.

The helicopter had been rented by Petrobras, and was owned by Senior Taxi Aereo.  The victims were not Petrobras employees. Authorities are speculating that poor weather conditions were to blame for the helicopter crash.

Traveling by helicopter to and from offshore platforms is one of the dangers of an offshore worker’s job.  However, these workers may also be at risk when helicopter operators fail to maintain their feet or update equipment.  There may be risks from fatigued or inexperienced pilots.  Flying over deep ocean requires crew members with great experience in order to deal with any kind of emergency situation.

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