Soon, maritime workers who suffer severe or multiple fractures in a workplace accident may have access to a much quicker treatment using ultrasound. Doctors in Scotland have successfully experimented  with a new technology using ultrasound to treat fractures. The techniques have been used at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The technique involves using an ultrasound device which is strapped around the fractured area. This triggers the healing of the bone, and can also regenerate new bone. The use of the device speeds up the healing process, and the bone can heal almost twice as fast as without the ultrasound treatment.

According to the doctors, ultrasound devices can be used in case of fractures that involve complications, or difficult fractures. The use of the ultrasound device causes the cells to shake or vibrate, thereby generating regeneration and healing. The vibration of the cells removes dangerous bacteria, triggers the production of new bone cells and encourages rapid maturity of the bone cells. Persons who have suffered multiple fractures and other complicated fractures have found that the injuries have healed much faster, when these were deemed quite untreatable earlier.

Right now, the only impediment in the use of ultrasound devices to treat fractures caused by auto accidents or maritime accidents seems to be the high costs involved. The use of ultrasound to treat fractures costs about 1,000 pounds right now. However, doctors expect costs to decrease as these ultrasound devices become more popular in use.

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