Chevron Corporation has announced a new deepwater well discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. The well is located about 190 miles off the Louisiana coast.

According to Chevron, the well which is located in 6172 feet of water and drills to a depth of 31,866 feet is still being investigated for its results.

The investigation of this well marks another step in a series of massive large-scale projects at Chevron that are aimed at increasing worldwide oil production at the company. The company has a number of new projects in operation, including a natural gas project in Australia as well as deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore injury lawyers have noted that drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is almost back to pre-Deepwater Horizon explosion levels. New drilling permits are being granted by the federal administration, and drilling activity is beginning to resemble the levels before the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

11 workers were killed in that tragedy which was one of the worst disasters in offshore drilling history. The explosion also triggered off a major spill, which is also believed to be the worst in maritime history.

The increase in Gulf of Mexico drilling activity is encouraging to offshore injury lawyers because the local economy is so dependent on oil and gas drilling and exploration. However, this time around, drilling permits must be issued while keeping a stern eye on safety compliance.

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