Just yesterday, Sunday, an oil production platform caught fire about 50 miles off Grand Isle in the Gulf of Mexico.  Arena said the platform had been shut down two weeks ago and was not producing anything at the time of the incident.

Two crewmembers were aboard the platform at the time of the fire, and they escaped the blaze in a life capsule.  The pair was later picked up by a good Samaritan vessel the HDS Stormridge and transported for medical treatment by the Coast Guard.  The two seamen were taken to the West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero.

Bureau of Oceans and Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement are investigating the cause of the fire.  The fire is reportedly already out and no pollution or spill has been seen.  The Coast Guard has established a 1,000 yard security zone around the oil platform.

The maritime injury lawyers of Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers are no strangers to the constant oil production dangers that exist in the Gulf of Mexico.  Our clients, seamen and longshoremen, work in dangerous conditions around highly volatile items.  We hope the two evactuated crew are doing well in their medical treatment and were able to escape without significant injury.