An elderly woman was killed early Sunday as the result of a traffic collision with a CenterPoint Energy bucket truck northwest Harris County.   Nancy Wright Hogue is from Hockley, about 35 miles northwest of downtown Houston, Texas.

The CenterPoint driver, Gregory Allen Chelette, smashed into the Honda at the left door. Hogue died on impact. Chelette was not hurt.  The truck driver was unable to stop after Ms. Hogue pulled out into the intersection, and his truck harshly collided with her much smaller car.

Some reports indicate that the woman failed to yield the right-of-way.

As Houston, Texas Auto Accident Attorneys and Texas Trucking Accident Lawyers, we see life-altering injuries and deaths in our cases almost every day.  In an instant, a decision made while driving can alter not just your own life but the life of those other drivers you share the road with.  We encourage Houstonians to be safe on the road and to take that extra minute at a stop or a yield to make sure the right-of-way is clear before entering.