A woman from Boerne in Kendall County had a miraculous escape after an 18-wheeler driver lost control of his truck, crashing it into the woman’s pickup. The pickup was wedged underneath the big rig, and the woman was trapped in her vehicle. Rescue workers were able to extricate the woman from the mangled pickup using the Jaws of Life. According to police officers, the truck driver lost control of his truck, and the vehicle slid sideways, jumped the median and struck the woman’s vehicle.  Officers are blaming wet road conditions for the accident.

Driving in wet road conditions can be a challenge to any motorist. But if you are at the helm of an 18 wheeler, you can quickly find your truck out of control, jackknifing, or even worse, flipping over. The biggest tip to keep in mind while driving an 18 wheeler on wet roads, is to slow down speeds. Bringing an 18-wheeler to a complete stop can be a challenge even on dry roads, but when you’re traveling on roads that are slick and slippery from the rains, it’s even more important that you drive at low speeds. Roads can be especially treacherous when it rains after a long and dry spell. Fresh rains can mix with accumulated dry grease on the asphalt, creating a super slippery surface that can make your vehicle hard to control.

These are facts that every commercial truck driver ought to know. There’s no excuse for driving as you do on dry roads. With the massive 80,000 pound vehicle you drive, also comes a great deal of responsibility to operate it well.

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