Three crewmembers were rescued from the near-freezing waters of the Boston Harbor after they abandoned the ship of their sinking tugboat. The Coast Guard and two captains from the Boston Harbor Pilot Association responded to the distress call that the Emily Anne was taking on water around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Capt. Shawn Kelly and Capt. Joe Maloney, both Boston Harbor Pilot Association captains, rescued the three crewmembers moments before the 50-foot tugboat sank due to a breech in its hull. Shortly after the men were rescued, a Coast Guard vessel escorted them back to port.

“It felt pretty good to be able to save them,” Kelly told “They’d do the same thing for us. It’s just the way everybody is in the maritime community.”

After abandoning the ship, the crewmembers were in the 37-degree water approximately 3-5 minutes before Kelly arrived. The three men were unable to put on their survival suits and were only wearing float coats that are designed to keep a person’s torso above water.

“Given the nature of the emergency, if not for the quick and heroic response of the Chelsea crew, their lives may have been lost,” said Darin Crozier, Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class, in a statement.

An investigation into the incident is underway both with the Coast Guard and the operating company of the Emily Anne, North Shore Marine.

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