Shintech Louisiana LLC named two workers who were killed in a plant accident Sunday.  Tommy Rivet, a Shintech employee and Tory Sanchez, who worked for Performance Contractors, Inc., died after they were overcome by chemical fumes at the Shintech facility south of Plaquemine.

Plant manager David Wise said Sanchez had gone into a container to retrieve tools and was overcome by fumes.  Rivet then went into the container after him.  Both were later found unconscious.  The workers were provided with medical assistance on site and EMS was dispatched to the scene, but unfortunately neither survived the fatal on the job accident.

State police investigators aren’t sure what chemical killed the workers.  Autopsies were scheduled for today.

Chemical exposure is an almost unavoidable consequence of working in a refinery or plant.  However, the levels at which employees are exposed are heavily regulated and monitored by both local and state government entities.  Accidents like this one, a fatal chemical exposure accident on the job, should never happen.  Facilities should have safety measures in place to alert them when levels of dangerous toxins get too high.

Toxic torts and chemical exposure can be common in a refinery or plant setting.  A fatal level of a chemical emitting out to plant workers amounts to serious negligence on the part of a plant owner.

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