The halls are decked, the list has been checked twice, and Santa Claus is almost ready to hop in his sleigh and spread joy to the children of the world! There are plenty of dangers out there that could delay the world’s best delivery man. Have no fear, though! Our Houston personal injury attorneys have a few safety tips for the jolly man and his helpers before he makes the big Christmas Eve trip.

Check the sleigh and reindeer: Just like any other mode of transportation, Santa’s sleigh should be checked to make sure all parts are working properly before takeoff. Make sure the reindeer have had a good meal and are hydrated before leading the sleigh, and polish up Rudolph’s nose to ensure maximum visibility.

Dress for the job: As with any work, proper attire is important. Santa’s personal protective gear should include footwear with proper traction to avoid slip and fall accidents on rooftops. Safety glasses are encouraged as well to avoid injury from debris while flying, and gloves and warm clothing should be worn to guard against frostbite.

Eat and drink responsibly: A full stomach may lead to drowsiness on the long night flight, so limit cookie and milk intake when possible. Avoid spiked eggnog at all costs.

Check gifts before delivery: While the wrapping is important, the safety and age-appropriateness of the toy inside is of the utmost priority. Make sure the toys haven’t been recalled and aren’t on the dangerous toys list before completing delivery!

Watch the weather: The skies can be hazardous, and you’ve got a lot of different climates to zip through. Check weather reports carefully, beware of icy rooftops, and avoid helicopters and planes while in the air.

No texting and flying: We know the voyage is long and things may come up. If you need to send a text or make a call, land safely before doing so. Also, it’s a long trip with lots of turns so make sure the GPS is fully charged — and let an elf handle the navigation to avoid taking your eyes off the skies while flying.

Complete a chimney check: It’s not the only way Santa gets in to deliver toys, but the chimney is a key mode of present transfers. Always check the chimney for fire before descending.

We wish Santa a night of safe travels, and to our clients, family and friends — have a very Merry Christmas!