The boost in oil and gas drilling in south-central Texas has increased the risks of truck accidents involving the heavy trucks and 18-wheelers that ply the roads here. Highway trucking accident numbers have spiked since drilling activity began. The oil and gas industry is joining hands with trucking companies to help reduce accident risks, and better manage traffic safety.

The American Petroleum Institute, the National Tank Truck Carrier and the American Trucking Associations are pooling in their efforts to help manage traffic, and reduce these risks.

They have already compiled more than two dozen recommendations on Highway trucking safety, and will use these as reminders for better and more efficient traffic management.

As part of the recommendations, the oil and gas companies will hold regular meetings with motor carriers in order to evaluate current safety issues and plan strategies to promote a culture of safety in this region. In many of these areas, traffic was very meager and sparse until recently, when oil and gas exploration began in the Eagle region. Since then, the number of trucks plying these roadways has increased dramatically, and there has also been an increase in other vehicular traffic. This has significantly increased accident risks.

Companies are also being encouraged to monitor trucking companies, and make sure that these companies are in compliance with federal safety regulations. It is important that oil and gas companies that use trucking companies to haul heavy cargo avoid using carriers that do not have a good compliance record.

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