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New Orleans Maritime Lawyers

New Orleans Maritime Lawyers


What is Maritime Law?

If you were injured on open water you could have a claim under maritime law. Injures can increase expenses with medical bills, loss of wages and emotional stress. Our New Orleans maritime lawyers can get you the compensation for your injures while at sea.

Maritime law includes any trade or shipment of goods and transportation of passengers. The maritime lawyers at SMSH are dedicated to helping victims get a fair compensation that they deserve. Our maritime lawyers at SMSH have years of experience filing claims for injured seamen under the Jones Act.


When Should you file a Claim?

It is important to get into contact with a New Orleans maritime lawyer after being injured. This distinct set of laws can be difficult to handle without experienced legal representation. Most injuries are the result of:

  • Vessel having existing damage
  • Negligence of captain or fellow seamen
  • Not having proper safety equipment
  • Sunken vessel from leaking oil


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