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Mobile Maritime Lawyers

Mobile Maritime Lawyers


What is Maritime Law?

Maritime law or Admiralty law is a specific body of law that governs maritime questions and offenses. These laws encompass all aspects of injury for individuals under the distinction of seamen, a person who spends majority of time working on a ship. They are also involved in all of the insurance claims and civil matters that occur on open water.

Areas that Maritime law governs:

  • Marine commerce
  • Marine navigation
  • Marine salvaging
  • Shipping
  • Sailors or Seamen
  • Transportation of passengers and goods by sea

What is the Jones Act?

In Mobile, the Jones Act ensures certain rights to the seamen who qualify. This act allows our experienced maritime lawyers to bring legal actions on behalf of seamen who were injured due to another party’s negligence while on board a ship. Injuries commonly filed include the vessel having a defective design, safety conditions, and a sunken vessel due to poor construction.

How we can help you

Our maritime lawyers have years of experience when dealing with the complexities of maritime law. At SMSH we are determined to get our clients the compensation they are entitled to. With proper evaluation of your situation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws we will work to get you compensation for your injury. Previous Mobile residents have received compensation for medical bills, loss wages and pain and suffering.

Maritime personal injury cases are very arduous to handle on your own. The lawyers at SMSH are here to assist you through this process and to get you some stability back into your life. We offer a 24 hours a day, seven days a week calling service for your convenience. Your will receive a free, no commitment consultation so you can properly understand your situation! Call us for free today! Click to Call 713-364-0723