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Product Liability Attorneys in Houston, TX

Dangerous and defective household and industrial products cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the U.S. More than 150,000 injuries occur on average every year from chemicals alone, according to data collected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

While manufacturers have a duty to provide consumers with safe products, many fail to adequately test their products or ensure they are advertised correctly. This results in many thousands of injuries each year—many of which are severe, some of which are fatal.

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one due to a defective or dangerous product, the skilled Houston product liability lawyers at Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P. are ready to fight for you.

Possible Causes of Product Liability Claims

Common examples of defective or dangerous products that can lead to injury or death can include:

  • Appliances and Electronics (heaters, toaster ovens, smartphones, etc.)
  • Child and Infant Products (bottles, cribs, etc.)
  • Children’s Toys
  • Commercial Equipment (forklifts, fall safety products, etc.)
  • Recreational Products (jet skis, ATVs, etc.)
  • Outdoor Equipment (ladders, tents, folding chairs, etc.)
  • Sports Equipment (helmets, rollerblades, etc.)
  • Tools (nail guns, chainsaws, etc.)


Types of Claims Involving Dangerous/Defective Products

  • Manufacturing Defect Claims: This type of claims applies when a product defect occurs during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects can result from using cheap materials, from untrained or poorly trained employees, or from equipment malfunctions. A faulty part used in the steering wheel column of a car that causes the driver to lose control is an example of a manufacturing defect.
  • Design Defect Claims: This type of claim applies when a product is faulty from inception because of a design flaw. The plaintiff’s legal team must be able to prove that the product could have been designed better at a reasonable cost, and that the product would still have performed as well or better. A toy that contains a choking hazard is an example of a design defect.
  • Failure to Warn Claims: This type of claim applies when the manufacturer of a product fails to warn consumers of all the potential dangers of using the product. This is considered a marketing defect. A baby car seat that does not come with a warning that the car seat could fail if the baby is over a certain weight/height is an example of a possible failure to warn claim.

Product liability claims often require testimony from expert witnesses. Make sure to keep and safeguard the faulty product for examination by expert witnesses. The skilled product defect lawyers at Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P. secure expert witnesses who provide the vital information needed to establish your case.


Types of Compensation That Can Be Recovered in Product Liability Cases

Loss of a primary breadwinner from disability or death due to a faulty product can impact a family financially and emotionally for years or even decades. Several types of compensation can be pursued in a product liability case, depending on the specific circumstances of the situation.

Examples include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Expert Product Liability Attorneys By Your Side

The skilled personal injury attorneys at Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P. have helped hundreds of people in Houston and throughout Texas win their product liability cases and get the compensation they deserve.

With more than 100 years of combined experience and a proven track record of success, our product liability attorneys in Houston have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for personal injury victims. Read about our case results.

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one because of a faulty or defective product, we’re standing by to fight for you—contact us today for a free consultation.


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