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Hitchcock Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen all the time but that does not make them any less upsetting when it happens to you. If the wreck injures you and you have to miss time from work, it could also prove to be very expensive.

If you were not at fault, the negligent parties responsible for the accident could owe you compensation. It is wise to work with an aggressive personal injury attorney so that you do not need to worry about this important task by yourself. A Hitchcock car accident lawyer could ensure you get compensation for all your losses.

What a Car Accident Attorney Can Do for You

People sometimes think they can handle an accident claim without legal help, especially if they did not suffer a severe injury. However, it takes legal skill and practical experience with the accident claim process to find all the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

Working with a legal professional saves time and inconvenience, and handles all communications with the insurers who will try to wrap up the matter as quickly as possible. If medical bills are piling up, legal counsel could arrange a lien until the accident settlement comes through, putting an end to harassing phone calls and the stress of unpaid bills.

Hitchcock accident attorneys understand what a car accident claim is worth and pursues every avenue to recover compensation. They are familiar with insurance company tactics to reduce the value of your claim and can push back. If the insurers do not make a reasonable offer, an attorney could take a case to court and let a jury decide what a claim is worth.

Identifying Negligent Parties After a Car Crash

In a typical collision, one driver is designated the “at-fault” driver. In some cases, police issue a ticket to the driver at fault for some infraction that might have caused the crash. However, an injured person’s financial recovery is subject to the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage limits. If they have the minimum allowable coverage, it might not be enough to cover an injured person’s losses.

Other parties might have contributed to the car accident, and a Hitchcock attorney could identify them and hold them accountable. For example, if the at-fault driver was working when the accident happened, their employer could be liable. If someone other than the at-fault driver owned the vehicle, the owner could be responsible in some cases. A vehicle manufacturer might be liable if a defective component played a part in the crash.

A motor vehicle collision attorney could identify multiple parties and assert claims against them, increasing the likelihood that an injured person would receive an acceptable settlement.

Managing the Negotiation Process

Some car accident claims go to trial but most do not. Negotiations between the claimant’s attorney and the responsible parties’ insurance companies usually result in an acceptable settlement.

Having experienced counsel is critical. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 prevents a person who is more than 50 percent responsible for their injuries from collecting damages from any other party. Even if the police report lays the blame on another driver, insurance companies could try to find evidence an injured person contributed to their injuries and should not collect damages.

A Hitchcock car crash attorney could collect evidence to combat this type of strategy. In addition to the police report, they might review dashcam video, surveillance footage, witness statements, and other evidence that show the injured person did not have primary responsibility for the wreck. When insurance companies see that the claimant intends to demand their rights, they usually begin negotiating in good faith, resulting in a settlement that provides fair compensation for the claimant’s injuries.

Pursue Damages After a Wreck with a Hitchcock Car Accident Attorney

Although you might believe your car crash claim is straightforward, it could be far more complex than you think. People who manage accident claims themselves usually leave money on the table. Engaging a Hitchcock car accident lawyer often pays for itself many times over. Call us today to discuss your situation with a team member from Schechter Shaffer & Harris.

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