In March, we blogged about a new development that has made Texas truck accident lawyers very happy. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration launched its new website that will provide important truck driver accident and inspection data for trucking companies to use to screen drivers before hiring them.

There’s more encouraging news from the FMCSA. The agency is getting ready to launch a new system that will go a long way towards preventing Commercial Driver’s License fraud in the country. Currently, there are too many commercial truck drivers who are able to obtain CDLs through fraudulent means. The current system comes with too many loopholes through which such unethical and rogue truck drivers are able to sleep to through. In fact, according to a 2002 report by the Inspector General, such rogue truck drivers have been involved in several serious fatal truck accidents around the country.

Once the new system rolls out, all CDL tests will have to be scheduled through the system, using only examiners who are already included in the system. A CDL will only be issued, if the vehicle, test site and result information is included in the system. All results will be computerized, and not available in paper, further discouraging forgery.

Besides minimizing the incidence of fraud and forgery, the system will also have other benefits. It will help streamline administrative processes, and allow for more efficient management of testing.

CDL fraud is not the biggest trucking safety issue that Houston truck accident lawyers face now, but it is a major concern. The FMCSA has always been criticized for its lack of oversight over a number of issues, including issuance of CDL’s. With this new system, a lot of the criticism should disappear.